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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hello How is everyone? Iím doing good; currently on a one week break from uni. But crap, time seems to go by too fast.

Itís funny; I keep on sitting here and just sniffing myself. The thing is I mixed up momís lotion with a bath gel since mine was over. Haha. Now I smell like honey + amber + some other stuff, I feel like a druggie just sitting around sniffing all the time. It's Avon's Sparkling Amber mood lifting lotion, if you ever get a chance in the store... SNIFF IT!!! It's great! XD

Iíve fallen in love with Lara (Tomb Raider) all over again. I downloaded some more TR games so now I can die happy, but is it just me or are her boobs getting smaller with each new release? >.<

I keep trying to finish my illustration to ďBlind leading the BlindĒ fic (Itís not mine, some random person did it and Iím not an Uchicest fan, I just like Itachi), but meh, too bothersome drawing anything now (I donít submit art on Myo anymore, only DA), though I do have an Orochimaru drawing I needed to do for computerís class (stupid really) and he made us use Zooner 3!!! For crying out loud! Thatís almost as bad as Paint!

*Quote of the day: "There probably isn't any meaning in life, but perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive" - Orochimaru
*Song of the day: "Redemption" - Gackt

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Heh pretty freaky, I havenít been on otaku in forever, I just sometimes come on to check out the cosplays and stuff, then I noticed I have a bunch of new guestbook entries, hmÖ

So yeah, Iím doing good, busy. Sorry to everyone who misses me on MSN, Iím just to lazy to sign in. The best way to contact me is through DA since I check and update it constantly. I have a totally new fandom for Naruto, I used to hate the show before. Now I love it, mostly because of Gaara and Itachi. So besides that Iím still the same ass I guess with a few upgrades to the head.

*Quote of the day: "I'm not JUST a pervert...I'm a SUPER-PERVERT!!" - Jiraiya
*Song of the day: "Haruka Kanata" - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hallo everyone :) Thought I could post. I'm doing good, pretty busy. ^_^ Haven't drawn anything in a long while but still watching crap. Yay! Anime Fan For Life! How has everyone been? I'm having fun dragging the laptop all over college *shoulder twitch* Yay for studies.

*Quote of the day: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius.
*Song of the day: "Sakasama no Chou" - SNoW.

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