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im not here anymore!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

my last post...
im gone... for good this time...
no one is here, everyone is two-faced, and i have better friends elsewhere....

the only people on here are pervs, thieves, and losers who really should probably get a life...

if you are one of my older friends, this IS NOT directed at you... i love you guys, you were always there for me when i was younger...

love you all and i hope you find something better thats not a waste of your time..
-marissa jean

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*MySpAcE SuRvEy*
[name]:marissa j
[birthdate]:november 11
[relationship status]:single
[shoe size]:10
[parents still together]:no
[time of year]:spring
[type of weather]:rainy and warm
[food/drink]:pink jelly beans and mountain dew
--DO YOU--
[twirl your hair]:if im really bored
[have any tattoos]:not yet
[cheat on tests]:no
[like scary movies]:some
[like cleaning]:when im bored
[know how to drive a standard]:yes
[own a cell phone]:yes
[collect anything]:drumsticks
[been in a fist fight]:yes
[considered a life of crime]:no, i want to be a cop
[considered being a hooker]:no
[been in love]:yes
[made out with just a friend]:yes
[hurt someone you love]:yes
[kicked someone in the nuts]:yes
[clothing]:jeans and a tank top
[hair]:up- very messy
[song you are in love with]:hawthorne heights - ohio is for lovers
[cd in your stereo]:a random mix of everything from hip hop to scremo
[mood]:just kinda of blah
[thing you ought to be doing]:running
[first crush]:a british drummer in a not very known in the US band
[first kiss]:real one? age 16- paul
[first love]:that same english drummer i fell for
[do you believe in love at first sight]:yes
[do you believe in "the one"]:yes
[are you a tease]:i can be at times
[would you ever commit yourself to someone 100%]:yes
[honest]:the majority of the time
[a daydreamer]:*spacing off* huh? what did you say?
[up tight or laid back]:laid back around friends, uptight in large groups of people i dont know
[messy or organized]:an orginized mess
[shy our outgoing]:outgoing
[nervous habits]:bouncing my leg up and down or tapping my fingers
[are you double jointed]:no such thing
[can you roll your tongue]:yes
[do you make your bed daily]:no
[which shoe goes on first]:either
[bought something]:yes
[been sick]:yes
[missed someone]:yes
[gotten drunk]:no
[gotten a haircut]:no
[watched cartoons]:yes
[been kissed]:yes
[you spent the night with]:never have
[spent the night with you]:never has happened
[saw you cry]:my dad
[made you cry]:my ex
[you said "i love you" to]:my ex
[told you they loved you]:my ex
[the best feeling in the world]:getting a hug from someone you care about alot
[the worst feeling in the world]:knowing that someone you care about hate's your guts
[your greatest fear]:this is going to sound juvenile, but, the boogyman
[the thing you want most in life]:to succeed, to acomplish my goals
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