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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hello How is everyone? Iím doing good; currently on a one week break from uni. But crap, time seems to go by too fast.

Itís funny; I keep on sitting here and just sniffing myself. The thing is I mixed up momís lotion with a bath gel since mine was over. Haha. Now I smell like honey + amber + some other stuff, I feel like a druggie just sitting around sniffing all the time. It's Avon's Sparkling Amber mood lifting lotion, if you ever get a chance in the store... SNIFF IT!!! It's great! XD

Iíve fallen in love with Lara (Tomb Raider) all over again. I downloaded some more TR games so now I can die happy, but is it just me or are her boobs getting smaller with each new release? >.<

I keep trying to finish my illustration to ďBlind leading the BlindĒ fic (Itís not mine, some random person did it and Iím not an Uchicest fan, I just like Itachi), but meh, too bothersome drawing anything now (I donít submit art on Myo anymore, only DA), though I do have an Orochimaru drawing I needed to do for computerís class (stupid really) and he made us use Zooner 3!!! For crying out loud! Thatís almost as bad as Paint!

*Quote of the day: "There probably isn't any meaning in life, but perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive" - Orochimaru
*Song of the day: "Redemption" - Gackt

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