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Monday, February 26, 2007

   *blink blink*
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damn. my weekend was boring. I just went to the mall on saturday with a few friends. that was it. *blink blink* it was... sooooo boring. The mall was okay I guess. I bought a few bracelets, and the family values DVD from hottopic. it was *eh* hottopic is getting kinda annoying now. if its not flodded with mallgoths (-from my friend brandon ha ha) then its got nothing but mallcore kids (also brandon) just, they consider it a sin if you walk in with ither pink on, or with an "old band" shirt on. I had both. so I was public enemy #1 for about 10 minutes.

humm. okay, just because I'm wearing a flogging molly shirt, and a pink jacket doesnt make me a poser of any kind. I follow to the beat of my own drummer, and will wear what ever the hell I want to! *humph* but I did have some fun. I tried my hand at flirting with the new guy at the coffee shop. I didnt do to bad, seeing how he kept smiling at me. usually I backfire, and do something stupid, like fall over, or spill my drink all over myself. so I've gotten better... I guess... >.>

and that was about it. *shrug* I've got prom committe today... *puke* man, I hate it soooo much. I dont know why I joined. eh. oh well. at least today is sunny! (scharsam. its below freezing, and rainy) :(


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Friday, February 23, 2007

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so I'm in school right now. finishing up my report in civics. actually I finished yesterday, and I'm just playing around today. thanks to this obscene weather, our scheduling, and midterms are being held in the same day. which is really wierd. but cool. lol. so, yea. my teahcers are really pushing me for senior year. meh.

so my schedule:

creative writing
pre calculus
Physics honors
world affairs honors
symphonic band
painting III
Applications of outreach

its all forced upon me. ha ha. pre cal, my friend nicole is making me, physics honors, my chem teacher is making me, painting 3, my graphic arts teacher is making me. so yea. ha ha. but Applications of out. is a treacher course. I want to be a teacher, and teach english to under privilaged children in africa, so it works for giving me a head start ha ha ha. w00t. ^^

now my midterm so far.

Graphic arts- 100% A
Lit. & comp.- 100% A
Chem I honors- 82% B
Algebra II honors- 83% B
civics- 102.8% A
symphonic band 100% A
World history honors AP- 80% B

All A's and B's, but I should be getting a higher grade world AP. but hey, all A's and B's I wont complain. ha ha ha. so hum yes. thats just about it. how is everyone else?


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

   good bye sweet necture of the gods...
listening to:
kiss of lust

*sigh* so damn. I just had my last pop. I mean, my LAST pop. for 3 months. this caffeine addiction is getting to me. >< ha ha. its just like, yea. its too much. I decided to go on a super insane exercise diet thing, until may 5. PROM. >.> gahhhhh I bought the prettiest dress in the world, and I want it to look fantastic on me. thats all I'm concerned about.

sooo... no more pop, candy, white bread, breakfast, and fatty greasy meats. thats like... all my diet is. I used to eat healthy, but any more, I've been slacking in the off season. so now, here I am, with tennis conditioning whipping my ass, coach breathing down my neck, and my varsity club rank hanging in the balance. I hate falling back, and relaxing, only to end up having to fight my way back into it... ><


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Friday, February 16, 2007

   they understand
what me and my friends actually talk about. I'm starrynight. my bud is zombie duck.

Starrynighdream9 (9:46:03 PM): thats pretty cool. *nod* I want to change my name to Roxanne Rucozi. and I'll become a rock sensation in Osaka

Starrynighdream9 (9:46:12 PM): my personal dream

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:46:31 PM): roxanne rucozi?

Starrynighdream9 (9:46:52 PM): a good J-rock name

Starrynighdream9 (9:47:19 PM): the fact I'm american wont be relaized untill they see me. but i could be like the gorillaz, and hide my identiy

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:48:05 PM): By pretending to be an animated ape?

Starrynighdream9 (9:48:18 PM): nope. an animated panda.

Starrynighdream9 (9:48:36 PM): gosh silly. who would want to be an ape?

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:49:09 PM): Polar bears are better than pandas.

Starrynighdream9 (9:49:18 PM): but pandas fit rock.

Starrynighdream9 (9:49:26 PM): polar bears are more for jazz

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:51:05 PM): 'Cause they look good in sunglasses...

Starrynighdream9 (9:51:17 PM): ah ha! so you see the logic!

Starrynighdream9 (9:51:30 PM): it took me a half hour to explain it to my mom... >.>

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:52:12 PM): But pandas have natural sunglass patterns already.

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:52:34 PM): Actually, the polar bears should be beatniks, and read poetry about global warming.

Starrynighdream9 (9:52:51 PM): hummm then what bear would represent rap?

Starrynighdream9 (9:53:27 PM): humm... pandas have the black and white stripes, which hint to punk beginings, but their cute. thus, they're j-rock

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:54:21 PM): grizzly bears for rap.

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:54:33 PM): Because they fucking huge and generally threatening.

Starrynighdream9 (9:54:53 PM): hummmm. I bet it would be just a bitch to put bling on em' though

ZombieDuckKawaii (9:55:25 PM): That's what the tranq darts are for. =D

Starrynighdream9 (9:55:47 PM): hummm. they use them in Emniem concerts anyway

Starrynighdream9 (9:55:51 PM): bwahaha

yea, a normal friday night. man, and here I was beginning to think i was normal... that'll show me huh?


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

listening to:
what its for
yoko kanno

uggg... this extended break is killing me. I'm sure of it. I'm really sick from sledding yesterday. it was alot of fun, well, except the shards of ice. under that sweet innosent layer of snow, is a huge sheet of un broken ice, and if you happen to sled down a part that hasnt been broken in, when you try to stop with your feet, the huge shards of pointy ice rear up, and stab you in the ankles. it hurts...

humm. but yea. I'm sick. big surprise. the snow mixed with not really being very cautious on my part, has made for one wicked infection. hum. so today, my moms twin sister, my aunt came over. its always really really wierd when she comes to visit. Shes kinda... not all there any more. I dont know the full story, but I guess shes taking anti-depressants. and its wierd, because shes mellow. ALL THE TIME. her kids could be on fire, and she'd still be smiling, and complenting me on my new hair cut. >.> but I do enjoy hanging out with my cousins. I prefer them over my siblings most of the time. ha ha

but yea. she just left. I think I'm going to send niki a late valentines day message. I wrote him a song, and I've been meaning to send it to him. >.> then I'm going off the bed. sleep away half the day, then play DDR till my legs fall off. sounds like a nicely planned out day. ^^ hope everyone else is feeling alot better!


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Listening to
what its for
yoko kanno

damn. this is one catchy song. I've been listening to it all damn day. (well, since I got up, so ya)oh wow! its valentines day! oh my! I forgot. ha ha. I've never really been very big on this day. I havent been like, stabbing hearts, and cursing my life because of it, but by no means have I gone around squealing and giggling... I just find it another day. I like celebrating with my friends, but everytime I've had a boyfriend on this day, I really havent made a big deal over it. guess thats just who I am. ha ha. I do like the day though. its sweet watching all the lovey couples. ^,^

I'm going to go sledding today. we got off school again, and yea. I honestly dont care about anything right now. it feels like I'm on extended winter break. last week, we got 3 snow days, right after the weekend, so basically, we where out for 5 days, and then, we've been off for 2 already now, and thursday we're probably going to be out again. and then we're off friday for teacher confrences, and next monday for presidents day. ha ha ha. so thats... *counting* 11 day including weekends? with a few BS school days thrown in. so, basically, extended winter break. part 2.

hah. then in 3 weeks is OGT testing, and those who arnt taking it, (everyone but the sophmore class) gets out of school at 10:45. hahha. damn. this year has been amazing. I think I'm going to throw a party somewhere in between all these breaks. just a little girls only DDR, video game, anime party / sleep over. we had one a while back, and we stayed up all night, playing DDR on one TV, and kingdom hearts 2 on the second. and everyone else was roleplaying, watching moochild on a laptop (this really popular gunslinger movie with a fre j-rockers as the stars, its like japan's version of purple rain.) so yes. our parites are fun. humm... now I wonder how I got on the subject... me going too long without school is making me all zonked out. I feel like its summer, but theres snow on the ground... hummm... >,< confusion. I need to do something. and all my video games are getting boring...

does anyone have an idea about something I can do? new music, new video game, some new outside activity maybe? I'm kinda going stirr crazy over here. ha ha


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

   extream snow!!!
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oh my gawd. the snow is insane. we got hit with 6 inches, and right now, theres an ice storm going on, then we're supposed to get another huge chunk later on tonight. this extream snow has prompted a huge creative splurge from me. I filled up the last of my old sketchbook, and have already broken into the new one. ha ha ha so, with this happy, snowy post, I leaven you with this.

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go outside and play! Dr. lizzo's orders!


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Monday, February 12, 2007

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bring me flowers... and talk for hours... hum. so my sort of ex, and I have patched things up. He called me at work, because he wanted to talk, and we're still kinda friends. After that inital, 'wow this is really aquward' few minutes we just started talking like... well, like the good old days. back when I did the civil protest in junior high, by wearing the traditional muslim head dress to school, and he went along with me, by wearing a skirk, to protest the unfair and bias dress code. ha ha ha

but, after work, he picked me up, and we hung out at the old park where we all used to hang out at. it was sort of erie, because I havent been there in years, and its almost sundown. we just, talked about just how everything has changed. we where best friends. catching toads in the pond, and him and spinner climbing trees, and me and sarah playing in the creek... being kids. it just felt like, after we all passed 16, we just stopped. sarah moved away, spinner is on drugs, and ready to drop out, me and alex are on varsity, and top of our class... just... how much has changed.

I'm sort of falling for him again. but it wont be the same. Hes with laura now, and well, things have changed. but... its nice to be friends again. heh. the best, is I sort of told my mom all of this. she didnt annoy the hell out of me like I expected. she was really mature, and told me to go with my gut. so, I got back an old friend, and found out a little about my mom that makes me a bit... more proud to be her daughter. so, my weekend wasnt fantastic by any means, but, it gave me alot of almost closure. so, thats all good.

so yea. that was my weekend. how was everyone elses?


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Friday, February 9, 2007

listening to:
indie is dead
stone crimson killers

*yawn* sorry I didn't comment last night. I was heading to go do it, but then, much to my anger, My mom demanded that we go out. Shes trying really hard to be like, our best friends or something. its sad, and annoying. it bugs me. ah! and speaking of annoying. we have, yup you guessed it. ANOTHER 2 hour delay. ha ha ha.

so, I've been pretty good. been talking to my buddy in London. well, both of em'. Jane and Maggie. man their awesome. and they like soccer! ah! yay! its so hard to find fans here. but yea. so happy. they're really funny. *nod nod* I feel special. I've got friends in japan, and friends in London. but, really, my friends in japan are there because their stationed there with their parents. none of them are Japanese. their just a bunch of silly white kids. (inside joke with my friend Chris) ha ha

so, I'm getting my portfolio ready to send to art school. I'm kinda nervous about it. I'm not sure if my work is versatile enough for SCAD. I mean, yea, it looks okay, but I feel there inst enough variations. not enough... 'oumph' for them to go, "oh wow. we want her" I tend to use lots of bright colors, and the occasional picture in all grays. but my still life, and landscape, epically my architectures, are a little on the ameture side... I donno, maybe its the classic, "the worst critic for an atrist is them selfs. I'm just nervous...

well, hope to talk to everyone soon!


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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Listening to:
road to jerico is lined with starving people
This providence

Meh. okay, got 3 days off from school for snow, and now we have a 2 hour delay. then tomorrow is Friday, so honestly, I don't think I have anything to worry about. I was a bit worried about when mid terms might come out, but then I realized that I haven't missed anything. so, its all good yo. *nod nod* man, I talked to my grandpa on the phone yesterday. I told him about me going down south for college.

Hes really proud of me. Our family is mostly from Louisiana, and Alabama. So, its cool. My dads side is all creole, and my mom is all Irish. its weird, but cool. so, I might have some family to visit when I go down there. not sure but yea.

well, sorry for the short post. just, not really much to write about I guess. I hope everyones day turns out well!


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