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Saturday, October 7, 2006

Death On Two Legs by Queen

BG By Vintage Fairy
Mr. Brownie-Man. Well, I didn't give him brownies because my brothers finished it all. Eh. I gave him a hug.

So, 4 games in a row now. We've lost. What a bad season.

Anyways, I've been known to like more than one guy, you guys know that right? Okay so well then, why should this year be any different? OH GAD, 'TOO MUCH LOVE CAN KILL YA' BY QUEEN. IS IT A SIGN? Except, this one's a freshman in my ROTC class. Never thought I'd go for someone younger than me. Hahah...Hey, it's the trend, right? Eum. I'll just stay off those two topics. Unless something really big happens to one of those.

Anyways. My choir teacher's Daddy died on the 5th. So yesterday we made her a card. & so did one of our classmate's Daddy too. Why are people dying now? I told my daddy not to die too soon. ;_; <- Daddy's girl.

I went to the Dentist yesterday. Gotta go back sometime soon. I's got cavities. Damn you chocolates!!

So, nothing really new here. My life's boring.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Monsters by Matchbook Romance

BG By Vintage Fairy
New Notes, folks!

║ School's well & dandy.
║We've lost 2 football games, our third one is today @ 4:30 against Long Beach Poly.
║ We are going to lose that too.
║ I may have to take an EXCEL class after school to make up my 'D' grade last year. Yes, I know. I'm bad.
║ I feel like I'm in a bit of a pickle.

>.< Okay, so here's how it goes. I'm not too sure if I can explain this quite right, but anyway. So, I have a walking buddy for passing period. He & I were classmates last year. So, when we first walked with each other we exchanged numbers & yea.

Well, my friend thinks he likes me, but I don't think so. She points out:

║ He walks with me to class
║ He carries my books
║ He always asks me to his games.
║ He asks me to hangout on weekends.

Now, I'm starting to think. If he does like me, what will happen? OMG. I'm scared. Even we do, you know, 'agree to each other', we'd be such an odd couple. He's like 5'11 & I'm only 5'2.

I'm wondering if I do like him. But I'm scared. I always decline his invitations because I know that I can't go out anywhere without my cousins. & what's worse if my cousins do see me with him they'll either find him & 'test' him or they'll tell my dad.

I'm afraid that if I keep on refusing him, he'll think that I don't like him. Do I like him? Or not?

Is this situation harder than Sammas?

--> I think I'll bake him brownies. To show that I care.

Good idea?

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Simply Starving To Survive by Daphne Loves Derby

BG By Vintage Fairy
I really miss you guys. I haven't updated in what seems like forever.


Anyways. School's been fine. We lost 2 football games already. So, I hope we do well next Saturday. I contemplate whether I should go. It's a home game.

I don't think I can go, though. No one will want to take me. ;_; & I don't have enough money. Boo-hoo. I hope I can make it to other games though. >.< I should join ROTC Colorguard.

I hope you loves are doing dandy.

So, I had the weirdest dream. I don't remember most of it, but at the end there was this one fugly thing & it was looking in a mirror & it turned out pretty, but a mirror behind it turned in ugly. Or it saw itself ugly. The fugly-pretty thing kept on switching the two mirrors calling himself Ugly, then Pretty.

Is it my conscience?

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

BG By Vintage Fairy
Survey Time! & random rants.

Q 01: is there a person who is on your mind right now?
A 01: Perhaps...

Q 03: who is the last person that texted you?
A 03: My cousin

Q 04: what means the most to you?
A 04: Erm. Family & friends, I guess.

Q 05: do you have any siblings?
A 05: Yes.

Q 06: do you smile often?
A 06: ...not unless I'm in ROTC Well, I smile there too.

Q 07: do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?
A 07: I hope so..

Q 08: do you wish on stars?
A 08: Not recently.

Q 09: do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?
A 09: Sometimes.

Q 10: when did you last cry?
A 10: Ooh. Yesterday. I was watching a movie...I forgot.

Q 11: do you like your handwriting?
A 11: Yah.

Q 12: are you a friendly person?
A 12: Uhm. Sure.

Q 13: who's bed did you sleep in last night?
A 13: My bed...

Q 14: what color shirt are you wearing?
A 14: White, with a red stain...blood?

Q 15: do you have any pets?
A 15: Yes.

Q 16: what is the color of your bedsheets?
A 16:Checkerboard, yellow & white. I want new bed sheets.

Q 17: what were you doing at 9 last night?
A 17: Watching tv.

Q 18: i can't wait until...
A 18: School starts. I know, I'm horrible. But fuck.

Q 19: is tom on your friends list?
A 19: Who's Tom?

Q 20: look to your right. what's there?
A 20: Water Bottle, ink thingy, stapler.

Q 22: ever cried yourself to sleep?
A 22: When I'm feeling emo.

Q 23: ever cried on your friend's shoulder?
A 23: Not really. I don't cry in front of people. Unless I have to & I have no choice, but to cry.

Q 24: any song that makes you cry?
A 24: Yes.

Q 25: are you normally a happy person?
A 25: I guess so.

Q 26: has anyone ever said "I love you" to you?
A 26: Yes

Q 27: is your self-esteem extremely low?
A 27: I bet it's in the middle somewhere. I think.

So, first week of school is finished. I have to say. It was quite nice. I like my classes. Very agreeable.

Now, if I can understand them, I'll be just fine this year & hopefully no failing. Here's my schedule. It's quite big. Sorry.

I don't really have anything else to say other than I plan to only update on the weekends or if I ever get out of school early. That way, I'll be more commited.


(001) Your gender:

(002) Are you liking someone:
-- I don't know...

(003) Are you hungry:
--Well, I just had a hotdog. I'm craving water..

(004) Are you bored:
--Not really.

(006) Age you wish you were:

(007) The color of your hair:

(008) The color you wish your hair was:
--Really, really, black.

(009) The color of your eyes:
-- Dark dark brown.

(010) Got any piercings:
--Only on my ears...

(011) Want anything pierced:
--Not really.

(012) Tattoos:
--I want one. But I promised someone I wouldn't..;_;

(013) Smoked:
-Not really...

(014) Done drugs:
-What kind of drugs?

(015) Read the newspaper:

(016) Get told you're on cracK:
-When I'm really really hyper....

(017) Talk to strangers:
--I was told never to talk to strangers. But they come up to me anyways.

(018) Take walks in the rain:

(019) Driven:
--Not yet.

(020) Like to drive:

(022) Been out of the country:

(023) Been in love:
--You could say...

(024) Regret it:

(025) Gone skinny dipping:

(027) Ran away from home:
-- Haha. Oh childhood memories.

(028) Played strip poker:

(030) Been loved:
--Dude. I am being loved.

(032) Slept outdoors:
-- No.

(033) Drunk dialed:
-- No.

(034) Pulled an all-nighter:
-- ...no.

(035) Sleep Walked:
-- No.

(037) Cried yourself to sleep:
-- Yes.

(038) Slept all day:
-- No.

(039) Killed someone:
-- Uhm...

(040) Made out with a stranger:

(041) Had sex with a stranger:

(042) Kissed someone:
-- Relatives?

(043) Regret it:
-- Kissing relatives?

(044) Been betrayed:
-- Eum...

(045) Broken the law:
-- I don't think so..

(046) Met a famous person:
-- No.

(047) Been on radio/tv:
-- TV <---Elementary school concert.

(048) Been in a mosh-pit:
-- No.

(049) Had a nervous breakdown:
-- Probably more than once.

(050) Danced naked:
-- No.

(051) Had a dream that kept coming back:
-- No.

(052) There a certain shoe brand you prefer:
-- Not really.

(055) Judge people by what they're wearing:
-- No.

(056) Own more than 10 pairs of shoes:
-- Probably.

(057) Favorite place to shop:
-- Wherever the mall is?

(058) Comfortable article of clothing:
-- Tanks & shorts.

(061) Miracles:
-- Eum..

(062) Angels:
-- Yes.

(063) Magic:
-- I guess so.

(065) Ghosts:
-- Oh God...>.<

(066) Birth:
-- How else was I born? The stork?

(077) Easter Bunny:
-- No.

(068) Cupid:
-- No. If I did, I'd complain he hit me with too many arrows.

(069) Sex before marriage:
-- Now, how many people keep that? But, if you know this is the person you're going to be with the rest of your life, then why not?

(070) The death penalty:
-- Hmm. I don't really pay attention to it.

(072) Best friends:
-- Ate, A, M, Y

(073) People you hate:
-- Eum...------

(074) Everyone lies at least once in their life:
-- Once or more.

(075) Ying and Yang:
-- Yo? Stupid brother shows...

(076) Love at first sight:
-- Don't ask me that question!

(077) Do you remember your first love:
-- Yes.

(080) What do you find romantic:
-- I don't know. Do anything in your power to 'woo' me.

(083) Do you look at looks alone:
-- Hmm. Beauty is skin deep, so....

(084) Do you flirt to get someones attention?:
-- If acting myself is flirting, okay.

(085) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone/physically unattractive:
-- No.

(086) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking:
-- I dunno.

(087) Time goes by too fast:
-- Yes.

(088) What's the last present someone gave you:
-- Uhm...jewlery.

(089) Do you like someone at this moment:
-- Not so sure.


(090) Thing you laughed at:
-- Uhhh..

(091) Person that laughed at you:
-- the Tatay.

(092) Person that made you smile:
-- Boots.

(093) You went shopping with:
-- Muzzah

(094) To disappoint you:
-- No one.

(095) Last person that you called:
-- Sammas.

(096) To brighten up your day:
-- Pretty boy in Math class.

(097) Person you kidded:
-- Ate.

(098) Food you ate:
-- Cereal.

(099) Person you saw a movie with at the theatre:
-- Pamilya.

(100) who IMed you:
-- Friend.

(101) Music played:
Dong Bang Shin Ki.

(102) Made you cry:
-- Cousin.

(103) Person You Hugged:
-- Cousin. <---same that made me cry.

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Monday, September 4, 2006


BG By Vintage Fairy
School starts tomorrow.


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

*bangs head*

BG By Vintage Fairy
I need TO SHOP! >.< I feel like I'm going crazy! I haven't been anywhere since I've come back. & right now, it's pissing me the hell off. During vacation, yah sure we went shopping. But dammit. Because we didn't get to go to fucking SM Mall Of Asia. We went to the megamall, though. But I couldn't find the right pair of shoes! >.< NUUUU!! Payless is having a 'Buy One, Get One Half Off' Sale. I wanna go to Payless.

I feel like a spoiled little girl. My mom must have Saturday or Sunday off. Ok, I'll stop now.


So, I'm having a hard time sleeping. & I think that's not good since school starts on the 6th. I sleep at 2 or 3 am. Wake up at 10am & fall back asleep until 2pm. Was I sleep deprived in the Philippines. No, no. There was kareoke, but no sleep deprivation. Perhaps, the lack of naps since I've come back. I always had time for naps in the Philippines. Probably too many naps. Eh, I don't know. Maybe my body isn't used to the time schedule. Or something else. But I've 'improved' today. I woke up at 9, then fall back asleep until 11. Is that any better?

Damn school. Damn 3 week vacation. Why couldn't we just leave at the same damn time. >.<

I want to make graphics. But I don't know for who. I should make one for brithdays. I've already made two. I need to make another one. Perhaps some more graphics for Death by JROCK. I've already made some buttons, but I've haven't posted them yet. Em..

I've been watching My Lovely Sam-Soon. It's nice. I like it. I wannt watch Stairway To Heaven. & my friend said Love Letters is a nice drama too. He said it almost made him cry. So, it better be good.

omg. Warren Jeffs was captured. & I was never told of this until yesterday? On the news. From Anderson Cooper 360? What? Duuuude. They should have made some parody of him being captured. What he was into was kinda weird. Polygamy. That's what a sheik did, isn't it? He has a harem filled with wives. Yea. But what he did was like torture, kinda.

Wow. Some people are weird.


Him: I thought boobs were made of milk...
Me: Milk? *gives look* Hunneh, no. If they were filled with milk, by the time I have kids it would have gone sour.

Him* - no one in particular. Not a love interest candidate. Just a someone.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


BG By Vintage Fairy
Me: *laughs*
Him: Are you laughing at me?
Me: *stops* Yes, I'm laughing at you & your fat.
Him: What? I'm not the one with fat, I'm muscled & you're fat.
Me: Excuse me? I'm the one who's supposed to have fat. Boobs, just don't appear out of nowhere. Don't you know that boobs are made of fat? & plus. Women are curvy, men are not.
Him: I'm curvy.
Me: No, you are indeed not. Men may come in different sizes, but they are not curvy. They come as upside-down triangles, pears big pears, or as circles.
Him: & women?
Me: Curvy like an hourglass. Whether they're big, really big, or small. So, ha-ha!
Him: *hangs up*
Me: Hell-BITCH!!!

Random-ass conversation.

Read about my PI trip?

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Monday, August 28, 2006

My body is your body, I won't tell anybody

BG By Vintage Fairy
So, the Philippines trip.

Uhm. It was delightful. I had fun. Though, for the first 2 weeks I was bored out of my fucking mind. & the summer months = rainy season. So, that sucked. But people came over everyday since our compound = entire family, plus the houses across the street. But we did happen to go shopping. That was fun. Got to meet up with 'long-lost' family members on the mum's side. Noice.

omg! The bras are sooo pretty. But, they're PADDED. >.< Horrible! My mom said, 'It's because a lot of the Filipino ladies have little.'

'But mommy, I have some.' >.< I'm a 36B, is that too small? Pero, I managed to get some pretty-ass bras with matching panties. Duuude, I love panty shopping in the Philippines.

Well, we stayed in Lingayen, Pangasinan. Northern Luzon. Because of the rain, we couldn't go to the pretty fucking places. But before we left, I heard '2 years; Christmas' & my father confirmed it. So, I'm looking forward to it. Once pictures are uploaded onto compy, I'll show you some.


How do you know if you've fallen in love? You know what, I'll just stick to being a hopeless romantic.

Anyways. Death by JROCK. School's coming up. Hmm. I was thinking that DbJROCK needed like a newscaster. Since, in my orignal plan, I wanted DbJROCK to be 'filled' with JROCK news. So..*hinthint*

Anyways, moving on. Perhaps DBJ will just stick to random theme & keep BOTM just every month, other than changing the theme to BOTM [EVEN THOUGH THAT'S A NICE IDEA TO KEEP]. Ah, hindi ko alam [IDON'TKNOW]. Perhaps, I'm just lazy. Ergh. >.< Oh school. You torment me.

& why is school starting so early for everyone? Friday was my day to get pictures, ID, & my classes. I start Sept. 6 or so. WTF?

Anyways, I'm going to spruce up DBJ a bit.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

My love for you will never fade...

BG By Vintage Fairy
I'm baaaaack.


I missed you guys. No compy time during the vacation. It was bonding time. But it was fine. Fun. Left some fans, though.

;_; I wanna go back.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

BG By Vintage Fairy
We're leaving today at 1:30pm. >.< Can't wait.

This morning I had such a horrible dream. My cousins & I were in their house in NJ. I don't know why we were there, but we were. There was like this slot hole in their floor. My cousin said it was a monster. So, I decided to check if what he said was real. I left my CareBear Cousin Monkey on top of the hole, when I came back it was gone so I figured that his mom might have picked it up. The doorbell rang & it was a man in a greyish cloak holding a basket with the monkey head in it. I went back to the hole & reached to open, but my cousin was like, 'No! It'll paralyze you!' So, I left it alone. The doorbell rang again, so I checked out the window to see who it was & it was this tall ass guy & I mean like a giant tall. I asked him what his name was & he said it was Israel. My cousins seemed happy to see him so I let him in. My cousins, their mom, & Israel left & it was just my mom, myself & some guy. We decided to go check on them, so we went upstairs & the room they were in was really dark, so we were like, 'Hullo?' Then we saw eyes glowing & it was Israel. His eyes were glowing & he had sharp teeth & started chasing us. We all ran into my old room [because somehow their house turned into my house]. The guy locked the door & started saying someone, I wasn't paying attention because I was trying to get my mom to shut up. After she shut up, & woke up.

I don't know why his name was Israel. He looked like Timmy from South Park without the wheelchair & the retardedness. >.<

I'm hungry.

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