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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's that time of the month again >:[

BG By Vintage Fairy
Some people here piss me off.
Not you guys of course.

But when I look at the Member List, a see a bunch of usernames (some being utterly ridiculous), click on them & then carefully consider them to be a waste of webspace. I mean, really, are these people so, I don't even know the word! Makes me wanna just type randomly.


That made me feel a little bit better.

Anyways. I wanna spruce up this webpage. But, I don't know how. I don't want to do a layout, I just want a little CSS coding there and a little CSS coding here. Is that so hard to do? Okay, so maybe, yes. Being away from the computer has made me forget all of these coding tricks. ;_;

I made lunch today because my poor daddy's sick. Making barbeque last night with no proper shirt on & drinking expired beer does things to you, I guess. Doesn't anyone look at the expiration date?

So, I made chicken burgers, with a side of salad and one pickle. Mmm. Yummy. The dishes aren't washed because no one wants to wash them. *taha, me and my brother* I say, you should wash because I made lunch. He says, you wash because I went to summer school.

Boohoo you. Is it my fault you were sent to Summer School? Go wash the dishes and repent! I should've said. ;_; But I didn't, because I was tired of dealing with my brother's Summer School crap. Anyways. I've just heard news that we are taking a family trip to a mountain? And Wyoming? I dunno. My daddy was telling me something like that, that's why we've been going shopping. Well,1) for the shoes of the wedding and 2) well, we haven't done 2 yet. But I hope 2 includes going to downtown San Diego, visiting the Horton Plaza and hopefully going to Urban Outfitters and buying that dream bag I wanted since I was looking for a 'dream bag'.

And the last epidode of Hwang Jini is today! OMFGBBQPLATTER! Last episode was so, ugh. Jini and her hubby was in argument, then Jini fell down and then she had a miscarriage. Oh the pain! Oh the tears. And when her friend Danshim aka Gaetong brought her son over to comfort her, she cried. I was like. NUUU! No crying.

Aw man. Aw, man. Anyways. I'm watching another kdrama. Or a dramedy. Muwahaha. It's called Hello, my Lady. I like it. A lot. It's set in modern rather than Hwang Jini thats set in those historical periods. But it makes a Hwang Jini reference! Haha. The guy in HML, Ji-hoon aka Donggyu is kinda cute. And he sings well too. Mmm. Very appealing. *wink* Okay, so no wink. But he's cute okay? The cousin, isn't so. I don't like his eyes.

Here's a link: Linky link.

I'm going now. I feel like a shower.
Can't you tell it's that time of the month?

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Vois sur ton chemin

BG By Vintage Fairy
I'm listening to my French boys.
Makes me wanna learn French again.
I got them from watching The Chorus, or Les Choristes.
Nice movie.

A supervisor turns a bunch of misfits into a singing boy choir.

So, I made 'banana cookies'. I don't like it. They're like banana bread in the shape of cookies. I wanna try and make a pie. This means, a trip to the grocery store.

My dress for the wedding came in. It's okay. It was kinda loose in the chest area. When I thought about it, it made me kinda sad. I don't have big boobs. The dress, what itchy underneath. There's this thing and it's all itchy. We still need to buy shoes. Silver shoes. I think I have what I want in mind, it's just when are we going to go?

So lately, I've been cooking. Breakfast was good. I wanna try this one pasta. It's like a Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta, it sounds yummy doesn't it? There's this other pasta I saw on Everyda Italian. I like it. I want to incorporate vegetables in my dishes because my brothers are so picky. But I am too. I'm not too fond of corn. Or a lot of peas. Or okra. I was thinking of making turkey burgers with vegetables inside. But I think my brothers would pick it out. So, any ideas?

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Mmm. Honey roasted peanuts.

BG By Vintage Fairy
So, I was thinking.
Aince I'm revamping Death by JROCK. I should do something right?
I have alot of online side projects in my head.

Anyways. My 4th was kinda boring, kinda fun? We picnicked at the park. I rode my brother's bike. Had a very un-American picnic. Squid, fishies, and hotdogs. I forgot the cookies and the chippies. But that's okay.

Summer isn't all that great. I'm pretty bored. I need something to do. Give me Photoshop. Give me a recipe. Anything to keep me occupied.

Stupid pageants. With all the nudey photos resufacing. Can't we all just say, we're all beautiful. Now get on with your lives. Who made this pageant anyway. I'm gonna rant soon. Okay, so not.

Have you seen Hwang Jini. OMFGBBQSTICKS.

I love this KDRAMA. Watch it. I demand ye.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cause today my heart sings!

BG By Vintage Fairy

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Stolen from asher who stole it from bananafish :]

CAMS 2007 End of the Year Survey
Instructions: Now that the years coming to a close, let everyone know, how your year was.

period 1: Int. Algebra
period 2: PE
period 3: Adv. Chemistry
period 4: Adv. World History
period 5: Choir
period 6: Adv. English
period 7: None
period 8: None

period 1: Joanne and Ross
period 2: Cece, Nayely
period 3: Jordan, Paul, and Antonio
period 4: Luisa, Carmen, Kimmie, Ivett
period 5: Nayely, Paul, Kristy, Lesley
period 6: Luisa, Genalyniyn, Carmen, Ivett, Eric
period 7: None
period 8: None

1. Who was your favorite teacher?
Mr. Morgan. Oh you, Irish teacher you, with your silly voices.

2. Who annoyed you most during 3rd period?
Whositsface. I don't remember. He switched out. Oh yea. Phil.

3. Who did you sit with at lunch?
Carmen, Meena, Gina, maybe Manuel and his group, probably Jerome and Geoffrey. I dunno. I move a lot.

4. Which period was the most boring?
Um. None really.

5. Where you were most likely to fall asleep or not pay attention?
Maybe Chem. It was right after PE.

6. Which class did you get the most homework?
All of them?

7. Which period were you most hyper in?
Choir. Food is nice.

8. What was your favorite class?

9. Did you like lunch?
At times.

10. Do you like going to school?
For knowledge, yes.

11. Who sits behind you in Period 3?
No one.

12. How many kids are in your Period 2?
I dunno 20-30?

13.What teacher do you dislike the most?
Uhhh. No one really.

14. Can you talk in your 3rd period?
Yea. We do it all the time.

15.Who sits next to you in 5th period?
Depends on if she changed our seating arrangements. But on my left - Cassie and left - Lesley.

16. Who sits in front of you in 6th?

17. Summarize your year in three words:
drama, hopes, tears.

18. What do you hope next year is gonna be like?
No drama. No tears. I want it to be like Freshmen year. ;_;

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

it's been a rather dismal day

BG By Vintage Fairy
The last day of school.
I hope my grades aren't as bad as they were on the Progress Reports. I've gone down 2nd semester. I don't know what happened. Boys happened. Shit happened? Hope for me, yes?

Today has been chill. Not cool chill, but boring chill. I hate this chill. I'm gonna be shot down with grades. All I seem to worry about is my grades.

I'm gonna die from my grades. I hope my mom doesnt yell at me when she sees them. I thought I was doing so well, what the hell happened? I might have to take EXCEL again. I hate Excel. It's so boring. I understand if I need it for math, but English? Bitch, I pass english so why give me a low grade? Stupid assignments.

I should stop talking about grades. It's making me moody. Actually, I'm moody now.

Okay, I'll shut up. Maybe a better tomorrow. Yah?

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Monday, June 18, 2007

don't let time change you.

BG By Vintage Fairy
one more day.
one more fsking day.
until school lets out.

do you know what this means? no more using capitalizing!

Okay, just kidding, I hate it when people don't capitalize or they use incorrect grammar. Grr, you people. Anyways. Or, hold on, when they use caps all the time and it makes you think that they're yelling at you. I hate that. Okay, so aside from that. Tomorrow's a chill day, thank goodness. Choir has no final and English we have a 'Cultural Gathering' aka a party. Come now, who watches a movie and a Cultural Gathering? Okay, don't say it. I'm just saying. Back way back when, we called it a Learning Experience.

Anyways. My day has been fine. I changed that thing you see above my post a bit. Likeys? 'Kay good. I have some choir photos. But I'm too lazy to give you the link. Plus, I'm expecting more. Hopefully. Hahah. So maybe summer time? Yes? Okay. We're going to Jersey for summer. Hoping for a big-ass shopping vacation. I've awaited too long. It's time for me to shop until I drop. I'm not kidding. If I don't go shopping, my vacation is unfulfilled.

I sounded like a spoiled bitch, didn't I? I think I'll work on keeping the bitch factor down.

Sorry. I'm on my period. I have mood swings. Actually, last night I couldn't sleep because I was so mad over nothing. Stupid swings.

Okay, I'll stop.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

swing the heartache

BG By Vintage Fairy

I found that interesting.

Well. Only 1 or 2 more weeks and then. We're out. Dammit.

Eh. Anyways. I put Death by JROCK on hiatus. I want to make it look better. Since it's been dead for how long. I don't want to delete it because it's been my baby.

Hopefully, I'll either do it by myself or get on with better staff because I don't know where in the world, my partner went. But that's okay. We all have busy lives. Can you tell, I really like these little cloud thingys? Anyways, I'll [hopefully] get a chance to revamp it during the summer. However, I don't think I'll get to transfer my old songs from the old computer to the new one. Stupid PC thing doesn't work. It always says, 'blah blah blah cd won't work blaah blah blah.' when the CD is already blank! I'm no computer genius so I don't know it this is simple or not.

So, I really don't know what I want to do with DbJ. Unless someone wants to visit me and fix my computer. Maybe that's what Geek Squad is for.

Ahah. Anyways. I passed my CAHSEE test. The California High School Exit Exam. omahga. I passed both sections, Math and English. I'm so happy. I think my scores were pretty good (376 for math & 419 for english) since the scores to pass were both 350. My writing essay I got a 3 out of 4.

So yay.

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Monday, May 28, 2007


BG By Vintage Fairy
Today was another birthday at the same house. It was nice because it was a 'silent party'. No big stuff. Just immediate family.

After that we went shopping which was nice because I haven't gone shopping in a long-ass time! I bought a couple shirts and nice pants. My dad says to wait until we arrive on the East Coast, then we can go on an all-out shopping spree.

Yay, for shopping sprees! I made a list of what places to go to.

We're going to the East 'cause my Auntie's gonna be married. Which, is nice. I guess. I just hope it's not gonna be too hot. We're going there in August which is almost September, someone tell me. August weather cools down, right?

Anyways. Before we left, we got a banana split. & it was DELICIOUS! >.< OMG. I never had one in my whole entire life! And thank goodness they ran out of Rocky Road, cause I picked Almond Paline. And it tastes soooo GOOD! When I go gorcery shopping with mother, I will look for that ice cream and buy it.

We alos got some new kitchenware. Which is nice because now, I have a rolling pin. & you know that means? Yes. I get to bonk people with it! No, just kidding. I'll attempt at baking something. Ferget cookies. & brownies. Something with a rolling pin, recipe. Anyone know?

Well, that was my fill on the day.

*kissy face*


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Saturday, May 26, 2007


BG By Vintage Fairy
This week has gone by quite fast, I have to say. I'm gonna miss these people. School's not even out yet. I don't even know how many more days we have left. I hate countdowns. I feel I have less time to take in all the happiness and that, makes me feel like working harder. Stupid countdowns. :[ Anyways, school is okay. I have to get better grades. I can't stand C's! >.< This asian parenting is getting to me.

So, today's my baby cousin's birthday party. Yay for pool parties! I don't think I'll dip in the pool this time. I need something to do there, like, something. This is where I wished I learned how to knit. Dammit.

...my left shoulder hurts. I don't know why. Anyways, lublub kisskiss.


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Monday, May 14, 2007


BG By Vintage Fairy
It's 7:30am. School starts 8:30am. Just for Mondays.

Anywayys. I'm cramped with cramps. Ughhh...I'd better get ready for some rollercoaster emotions today.


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