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Friday, January 9, 2009

long time no see!!^_^
sorry everyone, i know it's been a century since ive been on & posted about my life. i have been really busy with school, hey i finally got my degree & graduated from college recently w00t!!! now im concentrating University & that job thing yeah lol^^ im doing much better with that part & just loving my dear boyfriend who you all know to be (Kaisen, used to be Akayo)member, you member!!^^ yeah we have been through so much & our love is still strong!! im so blessed!^^ well i gotta get going now so i'll try to be on as often as i can. if you would like to reach me im on gaia most of the time

Username: michiko natsume

that's if you have a Gaia account or would like to reach me.^^ i haven't forgotten you all!!^_^

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