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Thursday, January 4, 2007

   Busy day!
Hey everyone^^ well 2day it was sort of a busy day for me. sighs* im not fond of days like this. I'll cut it short, i don't want to bore you with such info lol. ok, i woke up early to do my daily work out, i was soar (it deffinately pays off^^ i'm seriuos), then i had to go to the bank & deposite my check^_^ YAY MONEY!!!! i then i had to go to the mall & do some exchanging. (my sister got me a size too big lol^^ but it's ok) i also got myself a lil something, W00T I ALSO GOT SOME MANGA!!! i got FUSHIGI YUGI Genbu Kaiden (what started the whole fushigi yugi series) & I GOT KINGDOM HEARTS^^!! THE BEST PART OF THE DAY (EVERYDAY) IS WHEN I GET TO TALK TO MY BABY *KAISEN* I LOVE YOU BABY!! MWAHS*

well that was my day lol^^ I hope you all had a wonderfull happy hollyday & happy new year^_^ take care^_^ *Hugs you all*

~Links lil faerie

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