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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hola, Hey my friends! another day has gone by! so yeah anywho i did my commenting like i said i would...i think i did anywho...dont remember that far back...oh well, yeah my day was fun...watchin tv and play my psp....speakin of tv, has anyone noticed the major flaw of horror movies (not whore movies, they have lots and lots of flaws...) anywho yeah, at the end of the movies, they never explain what happens....i mean...they are all like "yay, we survived, we can now make a perfect family with 2.5 kids" (2.5 kids is the averege # of kids per family...dont kno where the .5 came from) back to story, they never say what happens to all the dead people! how do u explain 7 dead people in ur house? hmmm? how do u explain that!!!! they always jus go off into the happyness, being happy, do they jus tell everyone that their friends jus disapeared? do they hide the bodies? or do they say some dude/ghost killed them all? i dont get....damn movies......Anywho enough with that....ill post more about that laters, so yeah...have a good one friends! take care

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