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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ok, time to get serious...
Hey people. Lately, I've been noticing more and more talk about suicide, Even here on MyO. What has become of us people who have everything? Well, I don't want to sound to much like Oprah Winfrey but this is what I'm going to be writing about today. Suicide is a pretty serious matter. It is unjustly taking your own life and saddening the lives of others. Although it may not seem like it, there are people who care.

If you are constantly thinking about taking your own life, then there is something wrong with you. You may not see it now but in time you will. Trust me, Life is a precious thing that no one can figure out and no one ever will because each person's life is different. Now I know that deppression isn't something that just goes away. My deppression lasted from gr.4 to mid Gr.7 and I had to find out who I was to get over it. All of gr.5 all I could ever think about was suicide. How foolish i was, coming home and crying everyday. Just this year I realized how selfish suicide is. We have everything. Food, Shelter, education, Medical Care and alot of other unessesscary things. Many people in the world don't but they have to live through it. There is no easy way out. "And for every rainbow you must first have rain" I think there is a period in everyone's life where they are deppressed or troubled. Why, If it wasn't for my issues I would NEVER have been able to see clearly.

Now, another thing is the label, Emo. If you are just pretending then you should get a life and wake up. Get a grip of reality. If you know you aren't happy with your life hen take control of it. Seriously. I know everyone is hard on Emos and I try to keep my bad attitude towards you to a minimum it's really hard to do so =_=;

But yes, That's really all I can think of saying. I know I'm only 14 so I don't know much but i'm just trying to help spread the word. So if you don't agree, that's fine.
It's just my opinion that's all.

Well, ttfn,
~Subaru <3

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Current mood: Neutral
Currently listening to: Malice Mizer- Aegen

Well, it snowed here today :D not much, but that'll change soon.

And..I got moved to the front of the school bus a couple days ago. Not because I was being bad but because I'm mature so I have to read to all the kids with ADHD to calm them down lol. It's sort of fun actually.

Other than that, I bleached some of my hair caramel blonde. I don't know why I did it.. I guess I was just so bored with my natural colour so I used the only colour my mom would let my die it. BLONDE. But, It looks better than it did before :)

Well, I guess I've run out of things to say right now. ttyl <3

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Current Mood: =) Currently listening to: Malice Mizer- "Beast of Blood" Well, My new site them is done!! The theme is Mana from Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois. I think i'll be keeping this one for awhile XD Well, other than that there's ABSOLUTELY nothing new besides the fact that it's thanksgiving in Canada =_=;; I still don't know why we have it a month earlier than the States but whatever. Soooo, ttyl~~~óż Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Ohayo Minna-san.
Current Song: Nyappy in the World - Antic Cafe
Current mood: Can't complain.

Hello :) how are you all today?? I've begun to update my site a bit. I've changed the song I had on it and I'm gunna change the avatar and maybe the background too if i can find a good one.

Well, I got my hair done again. I got it done like Gackt had his when he was in malice mizer. It looks sooo nice :) Can't wait till next year when I'm allowed to dye it. Oh the fun I shall have then!! *Evil Grin*

Yeah, my mom is paying me to babysit myself....how does that work?? :S oh well, can't complain haha.

Well, I should probably go to bed now seeing as it's 1:30 am.

So I guess I'll talk to you all later

~Subaru-san óż

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Current Song: Strawberry Gashes by Jack Off Jill
Current mood: tired...

Hello Y'all. How are you today?? Today was like, one of the funnest days ever. My friend came to my house and we went into the back alley and my neighbors were outside on their trampoline. They're in our class too but we haven't seen them all summer. Well, I can't remember how it started but we got into a water fight in the alley that lasted a few hours and then we were all on the trampoline for the rest of the day XD I swear I haven't been on one of those things since i was 3 so I couldn't do flips or anything like i used to be able to haha.

But ya, I just decided to update today since I rarely do and my account is becoming inactive. I've been on Gaia alot lately. I spend most of my time there so if you hyave an account and want to add me, my username is (Of Course): LadySubaru101.

Well, I'm beginning to get over tired so I guess I'll...

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Current song:Simple and Clean Remix- Utada Hikaru

Today I'm going to see my other bro in regina because he's moving to Ottawa(Don't know how to spell it >_<) in a week. I had just got back from seeing My oldest brother in Vancouver too. Now I'm jealous because they're moving to good cities and I'm stuck in a little dustbowl of a town haha oh well.

I'm also thinking of getting a new bg on my site. It keeps shrinking all my good ones >_<

well, that's all for now! ttyl

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

OK! Hello everyone!!! how have you been?!!??!! OMG I JUST got off grounding. Yes my friends, i was grounded from the computer for getting a 35%...in gym. Yeah, i know. It's a REALLY bad mark but oh well. I also just got back from Vancouver again. Very beautiful city. China town wqas AWESOME again. except there is lots of street scum on a few streets. But hey, what's a big city without hookers and druggies? haha. Well, since it's midnight I'll come back and talk more tomarrow ok?

ta ta for now!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!
What is your favorite..
gum:none really...
restaurant:Cloud Nine
drink:Italian Soda
season:I like them all really O_O
type of weather:Rainstorm
thing to do on a half day:half day???????
late-night activity:watch anime
When was the last time you..
cried:a LONG time ago
played a sport:last wednesday
laughed:no clue..
hugged someone:Yesterday
kissed someone:never
felt depressed:probably 2 weeks ago
felt elated:elated...??
felt overworked:3-4 weeks ago
faked sick:3 weeks ago
What was the last..
word you said:is
thing you ate:ice cream
song you listened to:I am- Hitomi
thing you drank:cranberry juice
place you went to:the mall
movie you saw:Memoirs of a Geisha maybe...
movie you rented:noir vol.4
concert you attended:I was forced to go to the Tom Cockrin Concert >.<
Who was the last person you..
hugged:My cat
cried over:no one
kissed:no one
danced with:no one
shared a secret with:Tiahnna
had a sleepover with:Tiahnna
called:Tiahnna, Kamisha, Kaitlin
went to a movie with:Kristy
were angry with:Dylan
couldn't take your eyes off of:no one
obsessed over:no one
Have you ever..
danced in the rain:yes
kissed someone:no
done drugs:no
drank alcohol:just a sip
slept around:no
partied 'til the sun came up:no
had a movie marathon:I don't think so...
gone too far on a dare:probably
spun until you were immensely dizzy:yes
taken a survey quite like this before:yes
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hey Y'all
..........Nothing to say really. My bro just got back from Jamaica and I was at my friend's house and this really hot guy came over. A few hours after I got home, My friend was talking to me on msn and I told her that the guy was hot and he was right behind her when I said that! LMAO It was hilarious. I bet he's scared of me now! haha whatevah though, Life goes on ^-^

We also have a project in social and I got paired with a really stupid guy who always hands stuff in late >.< He never gets much work done and arg!!
*sigh* I hate partners like that. She always puts me with the idiots..

well, I'll ttyl!!

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. How have you all been? I've added a new bg and avatar to my site. Do you like? ^^

Well, practically EVERYONE in my school is going emo!! >.< No offense to anyone who is emo but it's getting REALLY annoying! It's ok to maybe have one or 2 emo people but when they all are turning emo and think of nothing but labels it really pisses me off. It pisses alot of people off in my class off too but my friend really wants to be emo. I won't hold her back if she does though because it's her choice.

My friend Breanne brought caps (for a gun) to school. We had fun setting those off until the yardaid caught us. I think she's learned to take alot of crap like that from students because she doesn't freak out like other teachers do. but she told us if we wanted them back we had to go to the office to get them and we're all like, Screw that and never bothered because we don't like the Vice Principal and sometimes the principal. They overreact lots and making people walk laps is their idea of punishment. Plus, Mr. Micheluk (Vice) expects us to respect him and the school but how can we respect them if they don't trust us?? it's stupid but whatever. I'll just sorta ignore him when he bugs me and my friends lol.

Sorry for complaining lots ^^;

Question!: What makes you the most angry???

well, ttyl

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