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Friday, October 14, 2005

   today i got my hair cut reaaaaaaally short.it looks awesome i got at least a foot tooken off it. when i showed my grandpa my mom said 'Do you notice anything different?' and he said 'ya...she got her hair dyed'
i laughed so hard at that. my ZAFT uniform is almost done too yay! today in scholl we were making fun of jodel because he looked like a girl and he said 'well you know what you want?'
and im just thinking omg what is he doing now? and he flashed me !! i laughed my head off. so how was your day?
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

hi everyone how are you today?
today in computer class my friend anthony sat beside me and it was soooooo funny thoughout the class i wont say everything he did but i'll say some. the first thing was i asked him where he got a map for our social project. i meant the website but he's a little stupid so he pointed at the printer and said " over there" and he was serious too!!! the other thing he did was the fan blew some papers over to him ( a.k.a. dillon's homework) and he picked it up and put it back because the teacher asked him to. then, they blew over again and he said "ahhhh...these keep coming to me!!" then he crumpled them up and threw them at dillon and said "there now they wont blow at me!!! im smarter than you guys cause you probably wouldnt have figured that out." he was really serious then too. we all laughed at dillon and anthony. dillon was lauging to even though he had to redo his homework.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

   YEAH!!! XD
me and Kristy went off-roading again!!!!! OMFG WAS IT FUN!!! it was like riding in an airplane. the road was on an 80 degree angle because or city's money aint good enough to get a better road..IT WAS SO FUN!! this is the second time we went off-roading it was awesome.
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this weekend i rented Stand Alone Complex vol.3 and Noir:terminal Volocity vol.5 they were both awesome. mom made me watch war of the worlds though, i laughed my head off at the special effects. they were so stupid. ok, i was also REALLY clumsy too for some reason. i kept falling off my chair and i almost fell down the stairs too haha and i kept tripping over things. it was sorta fun. i caught a cold too. but i think its getting better. so how are you guys today?
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Friday, October 7, 2005

hello, how are you guys today?
today in math class me and my friend were being stupid. We kept saying " PSSSSSSSST" then the other would yell "WHAT" then we would say "CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET????????"
"THE SECRET IIIIIIIIIIIIS...." then we'de look around for victims
then the people in our class would say " who is it who is it??" and swarm around that person. then they'd realize it was a stupid prank. it was really fun and we were only a foot away from each other too and we were talking very loudly . And once again, the city 45 miles away from ours is once again the murder capital for canada. that sure makes y' feel safe doesnt it?
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Thursday, October 6, 2005

ohayo gosaimasu minna
hello. we have no school today in the morning yay!!
yesterday on the bus jodel was saying how there was this little kid looking at him for a very long time. and he said "get away or i'll hit you" and her dad was standing behind him and started yelling at him and his mother saw and came out and started swearing at the dad and saying " quit yelling at my kid or i'll tell both of them to beat the shit out of yours" haha i wish i saw it.
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Monday, October 3, 2005

hello . guess what? i finally got one of my fan art things up yesterday yay!! at like 4:30 am, our window exploded!!sarah was still talking to her friend ( they talked for 5 hours) and i fell asleep and sarah was like " kayla,kayla, did you hear that?" and her friend on the phone heard that too. so we went and checked and the window was full of cracks and it looked really cool but still. shes like" can you find where it might of started?" and there was at least 350 cracks in it so of course not. we were sort of afraid to go to sleep after that even though it broke from the inside. turns out, it was temered glass and that sometimes can explode. thats wierd.
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Sunday, October 2, 2005

kombanwa minna
hi hi!!
i got a new Tokyo Mew Mew book today yay!!! It's vol.2 its good and it was the last one they had too ! lucky
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

ok...these guys were in the locker room ( the same ones as last time) sliding around and stuff again and being idiots. well, turns out this time they FLOODED the boys locker room so now they are after school cleaning up the mess.i'm looking forward to phase 48 coming in a few weeks where athrun and cagalli kiss for the first time (yay!) so i'm looking forward to that as athrun is my favourite character. so who's your guys' fave character? anyways...i got kristy hooked on gundam SEED too so if she's here tonight we will watch that together. i also got my other friend into thinking athrun was hot ( he is!!!) too. she likes kira better though. he's also hot but Athrun is way better. ( why am i saying this?????)
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Monday, September 26, 2005

   today at school there were these guys arguing about who should get a life and i had to break it up cause i was surrounded by them. it was such a stupid fight!!!!
jodel: ok micheal get a life
micheal: i have one!!!
jodel:*to me* ok who has more of a life
me: you (cause he did have more of a life than micheal i have to admit)
jodel: HAH!
micheal: SHUT UP!! i could waste you
jodel : whatever get a life ya tard ( his word for reterd i assume)
micheal: i have one!! and what the heck is a tard?!
patrick: hahaha cant you say hell?
micheal: i can
patrick: ok lets hear..
micheal: no
they argue some more. the same thing over and over again
finally i say: ok you two, sit down, shutup quit trying and quit making an ass of yourself!!!
they listened to me. everyone always does
anyways ttyl bye Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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