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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Ohayo Minna-san.
Current Song: Nyappy in the World - Antic Cafe
Current mood: Can't complain.

Hello :) how are you all today?? I've begun to update my site a bit. I've changed the song I had on it and I'm gunna change the avatar and maybe the background too if i can find a good one.

Well, I got my hair done again. I got it done like Gackt had his when he was in malice mizer. It looks sooo nice :) Can't wait till next year when I'm allowed to dye it. Oh the fun I shall have then!! *Evil Grin*

Yeah, my mom is paying me to babysit myself....how does that work?? :S oh well, can't complain haha.

Well, I should probably go to bed now seeing as it's 1:30 am.

So I guess I'll talk to you all later

~Subaru-san óż

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