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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. How have you all been? I've added a new bg and avatar to my site. Do you like? ^^

Well, practically EVERYONE in my school is going emo!! >.< No offense to anyone who is emo but it's getting REALLY annoying! It's ok to maybe have one or 2 emo people but when they all are turning emo and think of nothing but labels it really pisses me off. It pisses alot of people off in my class off too but my friend really wants to be emo. I won't hold her back if she does though because it's her choice.

My friend Breanne brought caps (for a gun) to school. We had fun setting those off until the yardaid caught us. I think she's learned to take alot of crap like that from students because she doesn't freak out like other teachers do. but she told us if we wanted them back we had to go to the office to get them and we're all like, Screw that and never bothered because we don't like the Vice Principal and sometimes the principal. They overreact lots and making people walk laps is their idea of punishment. Plus, Mr. Micheluk (Vice) expects us to respect him and the school but how can we respect them if they don't trust us?? it's stupid but whatever. I'll just sorta ignore him when he bugs me and my friends lol.

Sorry for complaining lots ^^;

Question!: What makes you the most angry???

well, ttyl

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