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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Hey all! i'm glad that a bunch of you liked my story! ^^ i think its so cool! i went form like 4 to 12 GB's! and i got 5 comments on my story! ^^ thats soo cool! and if you all wanna know Yuu-chan is here!! he says Konbanwa!!! ^^ he came early because he missed me! lol i feel loved! i'll try tto type more on that story but for now i'll leave you hanging with what you all got last time! oh and Yuuko says hi too! ^^ weee.... you know what i changed my mind! i'm not going to bed after this anymore! and because poor Yuu-chan can't read a damn word i'm typing he's screwed! lol! J/K!! ^^ well i'm gonna go and talk to 0.o Inuyasah o.0 on the IM now!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well....i am updating for no reason Rakuda and Heruchigu are the only two reading this so....what to say????.....i know...i'll post a little story i wrote while i was in Japan! its not nything much but hell i was sitting in a class listening to a sensei preach stuff i really didn't understand...

It was a moonlit night on the site of an old japanese shrine. The moon hung full in the middle of the sky, looking almost red in the sky. The forest around the shrine was calm a peaceful wind blew causing the leaves to move making a tranquil sound. At the wood steps of the shrine sat a man with black hair and the traditional robes of a japanese temple priest.

“The midnight moon calls for someone to save us, Tyoki.” He said his azure eyes looking over the cool grounds of the temple.

“Yes,” another man said he had dark brown hair that was a mess, his eyes were of the same dark color and he was extremely pale. He too wore the temple uniform,” As the world is being little by little taken over by the darkness, all we can do is wait for the one Buddha sends us.”

“True,” the black haired man said,” And I Sezukiya Kimotori swear to help the one Buddha sends us till I die.”

“Well,” the other man said,” I Migayaki Tyoki, swear to oppose you.”

“Tyoki?” Kimotori asked looking to his friend,” What do you mean oppose?”

“You remember what, Sugisawa said right?” Tyoki said,” He said that at every temple there is one to counter another. A Gemini you could say.”

“Tyoki!” Kimotori said standing up quickly,” What do you mean?!”

“When the one from Buddha comes,” Tyoki said,” I will be there to kill him.”

“I won’t let you.” Kimotori said,” I will stop you.”

“And so,” Tyoki said,” we leave the temple of Hokkaido and start our travels, just as Sugisawa said we would tonight.”

“If that is what you chose I will stop you from killing him.” Kimotori said calmly turning to leave,” I’m leaving tonight.”

“And I leave as well.” Tyoki said,” Good-bye my friend.” He said as he turned to go into the temple,” and when we meet again I will kill you.”

“So begins the war of the worlds.” Kimotori said as he turned to look at the sky. He gave a heavy sigh as he started to walk toward the northern end of the temple.

“Sezukiya-sama!” someone called from behind him,” Sezukiya-sama wait!”

“Izurashi?” Kimotori said turning to face a girl with long brown hair and gray-blue eyes.

“Sezukiya-sama, Migayaki-sama says that he and you are going to fight now! Is that true?” she asked,” Please say it isn’t true! You two are like brothers!”

“I’m sorry Yuhoko, but what Tyoki said to you is true.” Kimotori said.

“But…” she paused,” but what good will that do when the one of Buddha comes?”

“None,” Kimotori said,” Listen to me, you are Izurashi Yuhoko and you are the only female left of the Hokkaido temple, so you must stay here and protect it. Understood?”

Yuhoko nodded her head as tears started to come to her eyes,” I will do my very best to make you proud Sezukiya-sama.”

“Good.” Kimotori said,” Then I must be off,” he said walking again,” Good-bye, Yuhoko.”

“Good-bye.” Yuhoko said as she tried to stop herself from crying.


weee!! how fun was that? none!! lol... well i'll talk to you two on the IM later!
Ja ne!!

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   Konnichiwa!!! I'm Back!

Konnichiwa!! ^^ if you all are wondering where i've been i've been in Japan!!! i was an exchange student!! it was sooo much fun!! ^^ wee!!! i won't tell you everyting i did but i did go to Kyoto on a few sundays and walked home with my firndes Yuuko and Tanami (ones a girl the others a boy...they were twins!) and i lived with the Mikuza family they were soo nice! they treted me like a daughter!! i love them all soo much! get this!! lol....i have a boyfriend back there too!!! lol... i couldn't help it he was soo sweet! >.< XD his name is (first name last, last name first) Kuyaku, Yuukiru! ( i called him Yuu-chan!) he was soo nice!! i miss him....alas i'll probably never see him again...*tear* no fair!!! T_T... *gets self back together* well...he said he'd come out this summer so i might see him again!! (Yuu-chan!!! hurry!!! i miss you!!!) well the best part about going to Japan in i don't have to take any of the Finals that there having here!! haha! Baka American sensei's eat that!!! lol!! ^^ well i'll talk to you all later!
Ja ne

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