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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   Konnichiwa!!! I'm Back!

Konnichiwa!! ^^ if you all are wondering where i've been i've been in Japan!!! i was an exchange student!! it was sooo much fun!! ^^ wee!!! i won't tell you everyting i did but i did go to Kyoto on a few sundays and walked home with my firndes Yuuko and Tanami (ones a girl the others a boy...they were twins!) and i lived with the Mikuza family they were soo nice! they treted me like a daughter!! i love them all soo much! get this!! lol....i have a boyfriend back there too!!! lol... i couldn't help it he was soo sweet! >.< XD his name is (first name last, last name first) Kuyaku, Yuukiru! ( i called him Yuu-chan!) he was soo nice!! i miss him....alas i'll probably never see him again...*tear* no fair!!! T_T... *gets self back together* well...he said he'd come out this summer so i might see him again!! (Yuu-chan!!! hurry!!! i miss you!!!) well the best part about going to Japan in i don't have to take any of the Finals that there having here!! haha! Baka American sensei's eat that!!! lol!! ^^ well i'll talk to you all later!
Ja ne

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