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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Hey all! i'm glad that a bunch of you liked my story! ^^ i think its so cool! i went form like 4 to 12 GB's! and i got 5 comments on my story! ^^ thats soo cool! and if you all wanna know Yuu-chan is here!! he says Konbanwa!!! ^^ he came early because he missed me! lol i feel loved! i'll try tto type more on that story but for now i'll leave you hanging with what you all got last time! oh and Yuuko says hi too! ^^ weee.... you know what i changed my mind! i'm not going to bed after this anymore! and because poor Yuu-chan can't read a damn word i'm typing he's screwed! lol! J/K!! ^^ well i'm gonna go and talk to 0.o Inuyasah o.0 on the IM now!

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