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Friday, August 17, 2007

   Holy Crapola
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I know I'd said that I'd post more during the summer... but this is my first post since I said that! XDSorry, sorry. But... school starts in 10 days exactly and im not exactly what you'd call ready and prepared! XD But as usual, i always am. So/....whats happening.

-I finished all 7 volumes of Aishiteruze Baby, it was good and surprising actually. To bad its over D:.

-I call Volumes 1-4 of La Corda d'Oro. Another Shojo Beat Title... I have yet to read them yet.

-I finish volume 4 of Beauty Pop... I love that series XD and Narumi. XD

-I had my birthday on the 7/20. yay! I got Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2 and Nitendogs for the DS XD. Guitar Hero freakin rockz man. XD.

-I went to the Phillipines for 3 weeks.. went to Japan Twice... and stayed at least 5 hours total. But I never went outside the airport! Ugh.

-I rented Naruto:Uzumaki Chronicles for the Ps2 from my library..its a good game and all... im not jsut good at it. XD.

-I dont know if anything else happened.... Well theres nothing else to say!!!!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

   .:: Updation Station::.
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Last time I updated.. March something? Anyway tis' now May almost June and that means more free time! Lately I haven't been on Gaia, cause' it lost me interest. That means I need a new site! Gee. Anyway, I took my HSA on Thursday, it was like BCR/ECR Festival. So many X.X I was dead by the end. Now mi math teacher can stop making excuses for us to study. But now, I have finals!!! DANG! Spanish and Math Final. >>. I think I have a Social Studies One????

Enough of school, lets get on with personal love stuff! XD. Ok... well, I liked this boy.. let calls him "Kevin" and then I said that too my buddies and they agreed with me. So then one of my buddies goes up to him and tells him the next day! So Im like WTF yo. I was like emotionally scarred during the last mod of the day. And now he knows. And another buddie... lets called her "Paulina" keeps telling him that I think he's hot and sexy and I want to go out iwth him! I said No Such Things! SHUT YOUR MOUTH PAULINA!

And then... about 1/2 weeks later, me buddy Hiei1350 liked this guy. Let's call him "David". Well Paulina and another buddy, lets call her "Brittney", they went up to him and told him that girl named Tina liked him! So he was all like I wanna meet her and stuff. And we barely avoided him in the hallways. Hiei1350 did NOT want to meet him and she was so angry and furious, it was scary X.X. So... there is about 17 days of school left and PAULINA had to ruin everything! Great Going.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

   .:: Alivernessy!::.
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Hey! Look at that, I'm still alive! Yay! I haven't updated since like December... something. But, now in MARCH, three months later I am! I got a new theme, its Ulqorria or howver you spell it from Bleach. He's pretty rockin'. Anyway, I've been busy. With Science Fair, School Quarter Projectos, MSA Testing. Geez. Speakin of, I still have MSA Math To do today. With Science Fair Hiei1350 won! But she has to create a board HAHA! >< We had to make a power point by the way. But I got honorable mention! fo shiz, yo! Lol, don't mind that. Anyway, me and her had to finish two tri-fold boards, 7 circle graphs BY HAND, And a poem. Gee, fun fun. And we did it all in about a week. Yay! We still finished. Anyway, das about it. I dont have anything more to say right now. I'd update more if I can remember.

~P.S- Happy St. Patrick's Day for two days in advance!


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