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Friday, August 17, 2007

   Holy Crapola
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I know I'd said that I'd post more during the summer... but this is my first post since I said that! XDSorry, sorry. But... school starts in 10 days exactly and im not exactly what you'd call ready and prepared! XD But as usual, i always am. So/....whats happening.

-I finished all 7 volumes of Aishiteruze Baby, it was good and surprising actually. To bad its over D:.

-I call Volumes 1-4 of La Corda d'Oro. Another Shojo Beat Title... I have yet to read them yet.

-I finish volume 4 of Beauty Pop... I love that series XD and Narumi. XD

-I had my birthday on the 7/20. yay! I got Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2 and Nitendogs for the DS XD. Guitar Hero freakin rockz man. XD.

-I went to the Phillipines for 3 weeks.. went to Japan Twice... and stayed at least 5 hours total. But I never went outside the airport! Ugh.

-I rented Naruto:Uzumaki Chronicles for the Ps2 from my library..its a good game and all... im not jsut good at it. XD.

-I dont know if anything else happened.... Well theres nothing else to say!!!!

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