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Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Hey! Look at that, I'm still alive! Yay! I haven't updated since like December... something. But, now in MARCH, three months later I am! I got a new theme, its Ulqorria or howver you spell it from Bleach. He's pretty rockin'. Anyway, I've been busy. With Science Fair, School Quarter Projectos, MSA Testing. Geez. Speakin of, I still have MSA Math To do today. With Science Fair Hiei1350 won! But she has to create a board HAHA! >< We had to make a power point by the way. But I got honorable mention! fo shiz, yo! Lol, don't mind that. Anyway, me and her had to finish two tri-fold boards, 7 circle graphs BY HAND, And a poem. Gee, fun fun. And we did it all in about a week. Yay! We still finished. Anyway, das about it. I dont have anything more to say right now. I'd update more if I can remember.

~P.S- Happy St. Patrick's Day for two days in advance!


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