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Thursday, August 30, 2007

   Wuff!! :P

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Okay, don't ask about the title XD

Anyways... Just thought I'd let you all know that I was still alive and still on Myo, before school starts, lol. I'll probably be on a lot during the school year, as there's most likely not much else I'll be doing, heheh :P

We just received all of our school books for the year and are planning to start next Tuesday -.- Whoo. I'm so exited. But hey, at least I got a long break :)

I'm as lazy as ever too!! I really hope this school year will give me a good kick in the butt, cuz I need to wake up, lol XD

Well, I hope everyone is doing all right, and I wish you the best for school this year ^ ^ Now for the questions!!

1. What do you think is worse -- mosquitoes or ants?

2. If you were at a buffet and had a choice between dessert or food first, what would you take?

3. "Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don't they?" -- The Wizard of Oz. (on my sister's mug XD)


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Thursday, August 9, 2007

   Random events!!!

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Thanks sooooo much for your support, guys .^ ^. It went pretty well for me, as there were a couple different people trying to reassure me that I did all right, lol!!

And to answer Shuichi's question, naw, I'm really not that good. Still training, but I'm on to the second book ^ ^

I had an impromptu appointment with the orthodontist today, and I have to say that it was horrible.... Honestly. I have this appliance in my mouth called an expander, and they had originally glued it in (to keep it in for a long period of time), but it was jabbing into the roof of my mouth :? So when I went in this morning, first, the dumb dentist's assistant began saying to my Mom how it wouldn't touch the roof of my mouth, so that was ticking my Mom off.

Anyways, she ended up having to take off the expander, and it was the worst pain I have ever felt!! Hahahah, I was actually crying XD My sister wanted to get up and punch her, and my Mom wanted to cry too... I found it quite hilarious, but I mean, dang!! It was ridiculously painful O o" And to top it all off, the only reason they did all that was to get another mould of my mouth, and she stuck the expander back on -.-

Soooooo sorry for rambling like that ^ ^" I won't do it again! > >"


1 -- What is your favorite drink?

2 -- Have you watched Transformers yet?? If so, did you enjoy it?

3 -- What's your favorite channel to watch, if you watch TV?

Anyways, hope you all have a great week ^ ^ Ttyl!


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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hola, everyone ^ ^

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Sorry for the really long wait O o" I've been addicted to RuneScape for the last month....lol.

What have you guys been doing? An entire month is missing =O Guess I gotta start somewhere, though...

Most recently, I've gotten several things involving church activities going on (playing piano, singing, etc.), and tomorrow, I'm gonna be playing again
^ ^" Yeah.... Anyways, July 10th, I got my wires in for my braces. That was painful XD The bright side??? It's a good weight-loss program, rofl!!

So yeah, that's pretty much it... I'll try to post a little more often, heheh... (bimonthly instead of monthly :P Jk) Hope y'all have a good time for the rest of the summer ^ ^


P.S. Sage?? I'm really sorry I haven't worked on my story ^ ^"" I'll write more in a bit!!

P.S.S. Please, I'm begging you... Wish me luck tomorrow!!! > >" They're thinking about doing all these funky things with the music, and I'm scared, lol!!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

   The Fourth of July is today? What???

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Hahah, kidding! How is everybody? ^ ^ I hope everyone has a great Independence Day, lol! And may everyone see a good show of fireworks and the whole kit and caboodle.

All righty, so I probably won't be on much to comment on people's sites/pics, but I'll try :) Sites come first, lol!

Okay, so some random questions for people who bother to come visit me ^ ^ LOL!!!!

1. What do you usually do on the Fourth of July?

2. What are your plans this year?

3. Has your summer gone well so far?

Anyways, I hope I can get on later and talk to you guys ^ ^ C'ya laters!!


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Sunday, June 17, 2007


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YEEEEESSS!!!!! Lol ^ ^ I am sooooooo finally done with school!

Hahah, sorry for the hyper-active intro XD But I'm really excited! Now I'll have the entire summer to do as I wish.... Like play RS, for example :3

Anyways, I wanted anyone who reads this to know that I have still not officially died.... At least, not as far as local police are concerned ;)

Not much else to say, but I'm really happy I'm done with school ^ ^ I'll visit sites ASAP!

Guess I'll c'ya guys later then. Ja ne!


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