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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hola, everyone ^ ^

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Sorry for the really long wait O o" I've been addicted to RuneScape for the last month....lol.

What have you guys been doing? An entire month is missing =O Guess I gotta start somewhere, though...

Most recently, I've gotten several things involving church activities going on (playing piano, singing, etc.), and tomorrow, I'm gonna be playing again
^ ^" Yeah.... Anyways, July 10th, I got my wires in for my braces. That was painful XD The bright side??? It's a good weight-loss program, rofl!!

So yeah, that's pretty much it... I'll try to post a little more often, heheh... (bimonthly instead of monthly :P Jk) Hope y'all have a good time for the rest of the summer ^ ^


P.S. Sage?? I'm really sorry I haven't worked on my story ^ ^"" I'll write more in a bit!!

P.S.S. Please, I'm begging you... Wish me luck tomorrow!!! > >" They're thinking about doing all these funky things with the music, and I'm scared, lol!!

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