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Thursday, May 10, 2007

   O o

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O.O Am I really alive? Shoot, this is starting to get annoying > >"

My internet connection has been lacking of late, so that's one reason I haven't been on ^ ^" Sorry about that! Plus, school has been dragging on like crazy XP I really hope I can get on more, though... I miss you guys TT TT

I'll probably be on more when school's done though ^ ^ That'll be good... But I'm still not quite sure when that is, lol XD

Anyway, I'll try to visit sites later. Sister may claim the computer, but I'll get on another way XD (did you know that even the Wii system can go online???)

So I guess I'll c'ya guys later ^ ^ And I'm sorry I haven't been on in such a long time!!

(Oh, and I'm probably going to start posting another story soon -- so if you don't mind wasting your time, I'll try to put something up soon. Plus, I'm finishing up a pic, so I'll post that too if I get the chance. :3)


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Sunday, January 21, 2007


It's certainly been a long time since I've been on here..... ^ ^" Hahah....

Anyways.....if you're reading this, I guess I'll fill you in on last month's happenings...

My Dad dropped us off at the mall nearby for Christmas shopping. After he picked us up, some lady pulled out in front of us (an SUV was blocking both parties' vision) and ran smack into the front-left side of our car ^ ^" That was the last thing we had expected...

It took a couple of hours for that to be over with because of the slow police, but the insurance company crud lasted a whole lot longer! They've been bugging us about it since the week after the fact (they wouldn't really help us before then XP) and are still buggin' us about it now ^ ^""

Also, within the last weekend, I've been sick. Still am too TT TT

Well....er....anyway, I hope whoever reads this wasn't too bored with it. I'm going to try to visit sites tomorrow, if that's okay ^ ^

I guess I'll c'ya later, then! Ja ne!


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Monday, October 2, 2006

O o

Hiya!!! Omg, I'm so sorry I haven't really been on lately....it's been weird over here..... plus, my family's been getting sick -- but, fortunately, I remained UNAFFECTED ^ ^ That's good for me, at least....

Anyway, I think I visited everyone's sites yesterday, but I'm really sorry if I couldn't get to yours.... I'll try to visit everyone today, though!

Hmmm.....well, I guess I'm getting closer to getting done with my pictures..... *stares at lots of unfinished pictures* Well ^ ^"""" As soon as I get them done, I'll post them for sure! *determined look*

Hahah, I was just listening to a sped-up version of I'll Make a Man out of You. It was really funny xD (totally random)

Guess I'll ask some questions now....

1) If you had to pick a color, would it be red, black, blue, green, or orange?

2) Don't you wish it was a LOT closer to the end of the school year???

3) Have I poked you before? If not, I'd best do so. *pokes*

4) Hmmm....well....... Do you think my site looks weird? ^ ^"

1) Red, I guess.

2) Entirely...

3) Yes, I have poked myself before.....I'm not deranged

4) Sorta, lol.

Well, I guess I'll c'ya later! Ja ne, and I'm sorry if I can't get to your site tonight!


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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Hello again ^ ^ I'm really sorry I haven't visited in a while.... I've been doing a little too much lately.

Anways, I wanted to post just to say that my brother just started his own site on here ^ ^ He, being the newbish little brother he is, calls it 'a myotaku,' lol.

Okay okay, on to the name. His username is battousai94. It's surprising to know he liked RuroKen so much....hahah. I would really appreciate it if you would visit him for me! I'll try to visit sites right after this post and eventually get to my PM-s.... (sorry Angel-kun!!!)

Hmm.....Oh yeah ^ ^ I get to stay after church today and have a lot of fun with the youth group. That will be fun. Also, this is my brother's first time going, so he's doubly happy xD (new site + first youth activity = happy little brother)

Well, I guess that's all I have to say....um.... Sorry, JD, I had to bug you a little bit xD

C'ya later, everyone! Ja ne!


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Sunday, September 17, 2006

   It's a CRUEL, CRUEL WORLD!!!!! xD

Hello everyone!!! ^ ^ I'm so sorry I haven't gone on in so long....and sorry for the random title, lol!

Also, as you can see, I've change my theme!!! ...Dramatically, lol. I've recently been watching Yu Yu Hakusho, and I really like that anime ^ ^

Well, I'm going to post a picture or two today, so you can look forward to that! *cough cough* Hahah, jk. But I will actually post them today instead of just saying I will.

So, I guess now I tell you how my week was? ....Hmm..... It was really busy, that's for sure. Most of my day is taken up by school. And not necessarily mine only ^ ^" Hahah, but that's another story. I've also been drawing a lot....compared to usual, that is. And the drawing I'm coloring on the computer is going okay. I don't think I've mentioned that before..... But the computer glitched when I did a couple hours' worth of work on it, so that's all gone. *sniff* Hahah, but I'll make it up eventually. Also, my Dad took me to a pet store, and I got to pet 4 kittens ^ ^

Other than that, my week was just full of crud. These lazy workers have been working on a tree in our back yard....the wind was a little stronger one day, so it's largest, most rotten, branch decided to just crack...and my Dad had to keep it from falling on the fence xD

Hrmmm.....Well, I'll try to post more often, and I don't think I can visit sites today.... I still have to go to church. I guess I'll c'ya when I c'ya ^ ^ Ja ne!


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Saturday, September 9, 2006


This is something I got from Sage's site....

My name is Chris

> >I am three,

> >My eyes are swollen

> >I cannot see,

> >I must be stupid

> >I must be bad,

> >What else could have made

> >My daddy so mad?

> >I wish I were better

> >I wish I weren't ugly,

> >Then maybe my mommy

> >Would still want to hug me.

> >I cant do a wrong

> >I cant speak at all

> >Or else im locked up

> >All day long.

> >When im awake im all alone

> >The house is dark

> >My folks arent home

> >When my mommy does come home

> >I'll try and be nice,

> >So maybe ill just get

> >One whipping tonight.

> >I just heard a car

> >My daddy is back

> >From Chariles bar.

> >I hear him curse

> >My name is called

> >I press myself

> >Against the wall

> >I try to hide

> >From his evil eyes

> >Im so afraid now

> >I'm starting to cry

> >He finds me weeping

> >Calls me ugly words,

> >He says its my fault

> >He suffers at work.

> >He slaps and hits me

> >And yells at me more,

> >I finally get free

> >And run to the door

> >Hes already locked it

> >And i start to bawl,

> >He takes me and throws me

> >Against the hard wall

> >I fall to the floor

> >With my bones nearly broken,

> >And my daddy continues

> >With more bad words spoken,

> >"Im sorry!", I scream

> >But its now much to late

> >His face has been twisted

> >Into a unimaginable shape

> >The hurt and the pain

> >Again and again

> >O please God, have mercy!

> >O please let it end!

> >And he finally stops

> >And heads for the door

> >While i lay there motionless

> >Sprawled on the floor

> >My name is Chris

> >I am three,

> >Tonight my daddy

> >Murdered me

> >And you can help

> >Sickens me to the soul,

> >And if you read this

> >and dont pass it on

> >I pray for your forgivness

> >Because you would have to be

> >One heartless person

> >To not be effected

> >By this Poem

> >And because u r effected,

> >Do something about it!

> >So all i ask you to do

> >Is pass this on!


REPOST THIS AS no kid should have to go through this......

Sorry I started off so depressing!! > >

On a much happier note, I'm going to a friend's B-day party. LotR party..... So I have to dress up like an elf. Not too bad, right...?

Sorry I wasn't on all day yesterday, though. My sister took the computer.....all day. I sat there, watching her....all day. Lol! Quite boring, if you ask me.

And I stayed up until 1:00 AM since my sister wouldn't let me go to sleep.....hahah. And I woke up at seven this morning so I could get ready in time for this party..... So I'm entirely wiped out. (school's a factor as well)

When I get back, (and if my sister hasn't taken over the comp AGAIN!) I'll try to visit everyone, but I'm sorry if I missed a couple people Thursday......

Well, this post is getting extremely long, so I'll leave it at the questions.

1) What kind of hairstyle do you usually have?

2) Do you have a favorite food?

3) Are you a heavy or a light sleeper?

4) What's your favorite occasion/holiday?

1) ...I usually have a slanted part, and my hair is layered....but nothing in particular.

2) Not really. But I like anything Chinese ^ ^

3) It depends on how much sleep I get. When I sleep too much, I'm a heavy sleeper....really heavy.

4) Christmas. Everybody's happy around that time.

I'll c'ya later! ....Hopefully!


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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

^ ^ What's up?

Hey! I'm back for now. My computer wouldn't let me get on myO for some idiotic reason, so I'm sorry I haven't PM-ed anyone in three days or visited anyone in forever! > >

So.... I've been drawing a ton lately, since school started and I haven't been able to get online. I can't seem to draw much other than my OC.....but I've drawn Gaara too. I think I'm gonna post a picture today as well.

Okay, so since I haven't asked questions in a while, here are some.

1) How have you been?

2) Which do you like better- rats (mice) or birds?

3) Do you have any pets?

4) What's a thing that people find annoying about you?

1) Absolutely tired.

2) I don't have a preference...

3) Two dogs.

4) I apologize too much, I guess. And I poke people. > >

Well, I'll c'ya later!


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Thursday, August 31, 2006


> > Well, today, I actually got on my computer to work on some drawings, etc.... But I figured out, it's going to be too hard to try to get onto everyone's sites and comment and everything during the week right now....but once I get a handle on things, I promise things shall start back up again!!! Plus, the picture for Inu228822's contest will, hopefully, be finished by next week....

If you like having conversations with me, though, you can PM me, and I'll check that at least once every day! ^ ^ I'd love to hear from you guys, actually....

Well, I guess that's all I have to say... Um.... C'ya guys when I can! Ja ne!


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Monday, August 28, 2006

   Posting so late......

Well.... I managed to get through school today. Yeah, I started today. And on Angel's b-day too!

I feel so tired.... I have my own stuff to do, but my Mom keeps thinking she's the end-all teacher, so she keeps making my brother ticked off. Then, obviously, I have to be the pacifier, and I make things 'all good'......blech. So after I calmed things down, I managed to become my little bro's official tutor.....

On a better note, I've been drawing a lot. I think my art's improving a little bit at a time.... My friends think so too, since I've been asked to draw pictures for them lately. That's pretty cool.

Yeah...I'm asking questions.

1) Do you hate a specific class in school?

2) Are you usually tired?

3) When you ride in the car with your family, do you speak a lot or just try to block them out?

4) Have you noticed I've been asking four questions at a time?

1) I can't say I hate them, but I don't like Health and Science. I have the same teacher for both, so I consider them pretty much the same class...

2) Usually, yes.

3) Eh....most of the time, I try to block them out.

4) .....Hahah, of course.

I guess I'll see you all later! Have a good week!


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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blah blah blah....hahah.

Eh.... Once again on my little bro's computer. But I managed to get on mine long enough this morning to post a picture ^ ^ I hope you guys have the time to look at it, even though it stinks.

Hmm.... Again, I don't have much to say, so I'm gonna ask some more questions.

1) Which year of school would you say was (or is) the worst?

2) Are you a night owl, or a morning person? (asked by some of my friends)

3) Do you like talking to people?

4) Is there something that calms you down when you're angry? If so, what?

1) 5th.grade.

2) Usually a night owl....

3) It depends on the person, but I can talk with anyone.

4) No...at least I don't think so. But talking to my friends online helps.

Well, enjoy my random questions, and have a great weekend. C'ya later!


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