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Monday, August 7, 2006

   checking things out!!

wow yeah its been a looonnnng time since i have been back.. since march i htink yeah. but any ways i am goood. kout3uka was talking about her stuff on here so i thought that i might check it out! lol i have gotten sooo much better at my art work!! well yep nada new... i guess i will post later then! see u guys later!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

whats up

Hey you guys long time no see eh? im bored right now so i decided to see how things were on the OTAKU...its sad though. i used to be like 965 on the rank chart now im back up in 1016 on the thingy. well ill talk to you kids laters

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


um technically i have decided not to quit my site..but i wont be on as much. im mainly going to be on myspace.com as wolfkat77..yep thats my name...so im going on that now...

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Monday, August 8, 2005

   may quit

i may quit the otaku..as well as anime itself...dont ask why because its that long... i dont think i should just "divorce" myself from it for a while.. or just really back off away from it for a looong while..so ill come back and visit and may change my site so yeah...i think that many i should back away. i put so many other things in the way of God and im starting to think that im starting to push him away again. i dont wanna do that again. so i dont know yet but im not going to visit as much. well ill talk to you guys laters

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Friday, August 5, 2005

gosh no one!

wow no one has voted i seriously need some help! please help me decide! ttugls

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   Changing my site!

yes it is official! in a couple of days or whenever i get time to im going to shut down my profile for a while to change how my site looks! one problem though...i havent decided what i want to do next. so i need your ppls helps to help me decide. here are the choices:

cyber idol mink (again)

dream saga.

zodiac pi

fruits basket
well those are the choices! please vote on them and help me decide what im going to do!

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

   im at work! bwuahahahahah doome on you all

yeah im at work right now with my boss behind me watching what im doing! but she's sooo nice she actually lets me get on my site! shes says its sooo kute! bwuaahahaha im sooo happy eio getw to come over tonight! and i havent spent girl time with her in a while. plus she hasn't spent the night for a while but thats stille kewl! i cant wait to see her. plus i get to drive and pick her up. i know that sounds stupid but im sooo exited! tim doesn't work today....and i have to close so i opened and i get to close thats going to be very interesting today..And im the only hostess today! i hope we dont have a crowd. ok forget i just said that! well sorry for talking sooo long! ill talk to you guys laters!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

   HALLO!1!!1!1!!1! I got my license!

Hi! sorry i havent been here.ive been really really busy!mostly working!..me no like wok that much anymore... but hey im getting good pay. but yesterday! grr ill tell in just a sec. but just a couple days ago i got my pervisional LIceNSe!!!im sooo happy! woot! ok now back to the mean ppl at work. saturday it was really really busy at work well these women come in saying they have a reservation for 6. At the cafe we dont take reservations so i told her that and she got mad. well i get them their order putting it in to the computer that its a salad with no blue cheese. they accidentally put blue cheese. the lady that ordr that got mad! and started to complain a whole bunch. so i got the rest of their order.. well We have comment cards the the members can put in what they think. here is what the lady who got mad that we dont do reservations:
Were you greeted warmly: no(kitty:i greeted her like anyone elst!)
did your reservations be seated properly: there are NOO reservations at all!! not acceptible for a birthday party!!!!
did your server know the menu:no
(kitty: the lady asked me what petitus was how was anyone suposed to know that!!)
did your food done properly: no some didnt get it right!
was your drink served on time: had to ask twice(Kitty:no she didnt!)
is there anyone staff member imperticular you would like to call out: No! they are trying.
Is there any other comment that you would like to put down: THe staff needs training!
That lady was soo mean!she got me soo mad!!!!whole well she hasnt come back since then so yeah thats kinda good and bad.. well i got 2 go now but ill talk to you guys laters!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

THANKS!!! man am i tired. i got to see the sisterhood of the traveling pants. it was an ok movie.. it did have a couple of tear jerkers i admit! lol!
btw im sorry that i havent been to your guys sites for a while and to all the ppl that signed my gb im sorry that i havent sign back!ill get to it as soon as i can! ok and i put up a new greeting so go check it out!ttuguysl8ters!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   Sorry about yesterday!

lol. yesterday i had to wrk my first double shift and i didnt get to go to sleep until like around midnight i think....then i had to go back to work and wrk till closing...so yeah....tiredness........so heres a late fourth of July thingy
btw i also did some greetings so go check them out! ttuguys laters!

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