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Saturday, July 30, 2005

   im at work! bwuahahahahah doome on you all
yeah im at work right now with my boss behind me watching what im doing! but she's sooo nice she actually lets me get on my site! shes says its sooo kute! bwuaahahaha im sooo happy eio getw to come over tonight! and i havent spent girl time with her in a while. plus she hasn't spent the night for a while but thats stille kewl! i cant wait to see her. plus i get to drive and pick her up. i know that sounds stupid but im sooo exited! tim doesn't work today....and i have to close so i opened and i get to close thats going to be very interesting today..And im the only hostess today! i hope we dont have a crowd. ok forget i just said that! well sorry for talking sooo long! ill talk to you guys laters!

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