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Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Whats up. sorry about my last little posty thing i was trying to load a song. actually the song that is play right now! i love that song soo much! and once again SuperGal16 thanks wheehehehehehe i love that song soo much i just wish i could some how get it on to my ipod....any who today is my day off so i am verryy hHAPPPYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! well i talk to you guys laters!
~kitty *meow*

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Friday, June 3, 2005

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   SweEt SiXtEeN!!!!!!!!!!!

Today i turn SiXtEEn! isnt that great!!!! today my brothers gave me EVER after the movie and my parents are giving me an ipod! i havent gotten to skool so i have to go now! but im soooo happy!ill talk to you guys laters!!!!!!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   skools AlMosT OvEr!!!

well the skool yr is almost over and im so happy that it is yet im not! the good thing about the summer is that it gives everyone a break from one another but the bad part is that i have a job this summer and its mostly full time or something like that! and so i wont really get to see anyone over the summer! wahh i know that im complaining but i want to be able to see my boyfriend this summer and hes going to go to the community college!so thats going to be a little tuff! im sory that im talk too much and that im complaining. maybe its just finals that im worried about because i dont know if im going to pass anything and its scary!!!but my mom tells me not to worry about geomatry and just to study really for world history! well also Daniel is graduating this sunday and then my bday is the tuesday after words!well i got to go now! again so sorry that i talk too much! ttuglaters!

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Thursday, May 12, 2005


hey ive been meaning to get on but my whole family has been needing the computer so yeah!. Sunday i got a CELL PHONE!!! my first cell phone ever and i loves it because it a picture phone! Tim(my twin brother) got one too but not a pic phone because hes getting something else! neither of us know what it is but its suppose to be uber awsome! ANd my Grandmother is coming tomorrow..techniquely today but her plane gets in at 11:30 at night so my mom and her are going to stay at my neighbors house so they wont bother us at night! but hey i get to see her in the mornin! and my dads studio tour is this weekend! im soo exited because my dad is a raku potter and there are soo many pots in the house! we get a cool flag today in our yard this is what it looks like
i cant get my dads pottery up but if you look up eldorado studio tour on google and click david mcpherson for artist youll see one of his pots!its soo kewl!
soorry i talked too much!

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Friday, May 6, 2005

   MY ComPUUUTTeR IsBaCk AnD DaNiEl'S b-DaY1!

I sO hApPy ThAt My CoMpUtEr Is BaCk!1!1!1!1! The ppls at the computer store put something else that would give us more memory for the computer. and just in time. Daniel (deadman dan..aka big brother) got a new game for the pc called EVIL GENIuS!
unknown:*evil laugh*
Kitty:O_O..eh?..what was that????that wasnt me...
unknown:*another evil laugh*hahahahaeehehehahaha!!haha-
kitty* *holding deadly sword of doom* CUT IT OUT ALREADY!!*slash*
unknown:*hes actually a really old dude who thinks he a villenous master mind* @_@..owww.
kitty: thank you..*sigh* now where was i.. oh yeah well daniels bday was really really fun first we went to the plaza and saw an old friend who runs an art gallery then got a little lunch then me and my family picked his girlfriend(my best friend aka Eio). Then we went to meet our dad and went to abuquerce( i know i didnt spell it right)and went to a really cool resterant called copelands! i love that place. daniel got for his bday the movie spaceballs and the gba game of zero3. so yeah we had a kewl time and many laughs!btw daniel is now official 19!!!!wOoT!well sorry that i talked so much and ill talk to you guys laters!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

   Well its a break

yeah we get a break from skool starting tommorrow!....and my brothers bday is tommorow and im happy for that. but i wont be able to get on the computer probably until monday so ill ttygls

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Monday, May 2, 2005

   well im back for now!

yeah im still using the computer at skool! the computer ppl say that it will be a week!so yeah im really really bored!..oh yes and no offense to the ppl who love leat but please do not write in leat on my site cause i cant read leat and i dont want to learn how to read leat because ive tried before.well ttygls

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Friday, April 29, 2005

   not going to be here for a while

hey you guys i probably wont be on the otaku over the weekend. im here at skool right now so im lucky to find a computer with internet! some thing is up with my computer at the cave(where i live....house) so my dad is taking the whole thing in to probably get fixed!..i freaked when he first told me because i have a whole bunch of piccy on the computer! but apperently he put it all on a cd! so i little happy! i just hope he did it right!ttygls

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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