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Monday, July 25, 2005

   HALLO!1!!1!1!!1! I got my license!
Hi! sorry i havent been here.ive been really really busy!mostly working!..me no like wok that much anymore... but hey im getting good pay. but yesterday! grr ill tell in just a sec. but just a couple days ago i got my pervisional LIceNSe!!!im sooo happy! woot! ok now back to the mean ppl at work. saturday it was really really busy at work well these women come in saying they have a reservation for 6. At the cafe we dont take reservations so i told her that and she got mad. well i get them their order putting it in to the computer that its a salad with no blue cheese. they accidentally put blue cheese. the lady that ordr that got mad! and started to complain a whole bunch. so i got the rest of their order.. well We have comment cards the the members can put in what they think. here is what the lady who got mad that we dont do reservations:
Were you greeted warmly: no(kitty:i greeted her like anyone elst!)
did your reservations be seated properly: there are NOO reservations at all!! not acceptible for a birthday party!!!!
did your server know the menu:no
(kitty: the lady asked me what petitus was how was anyone suposed to know that!!)
did your food done properly: no some didnt get it right!
was your drink served on time: had to ask twice(Kitty:no she didnt!)
is there anyone staff member imperticular you would like to call out: No! they are trying.
Is there any other comment that you would like to put down: THe staff needs training!
That lady was soo mean!she got me soo mad!!!!whole well she hasnt come back since then so yeah thats kinda good and bad.. well i got 2 go now but ill talk to you guys laters!

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