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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Keri's Krazy Klan party!

It was Keri's 18th birthday party and Sethos, Siris and I were invited! Packing into Siris' car we made our way to Schertz Texas and arrived at Keri's house after battling the traffic. Being greeted by warm hugs, we entered the living room area where we saw of bunch of people we didn't know, besides Proz and Keri of course. They were all on the computer having a lot of fun it seemed.

Turned out that everyone was messing with this guy that was in love with Keri or something. Apparently this guy had IMed Keri, saying things like, "i want u." and "will u date me?" and all of those other creepy things that internet rapists would say to a person they don't know well.

Proz and everyone were having fun typing things to this guy. They typed things like:

"I have herpes."

"When I'm excited, I read from my dictionary."

"In order to date me, you have to date my mom first. She's overprotective."

Even after Keri's mom told this guy that we were messing with him, he still didn't catch on. We invented Keri's fan club: the Krazy Keri Klan and he didn't pick up the "KKK" part. xD

After a while, we got this guy to believe that Keri would meet him in the candy aisle of HEB. The plan was to leave Logan in the candy aisle with a dictionary in his arm. We told this stalker guy (Daniel) that Keri would be wearing a black Alice in Chains hoodie.

We gave the guy my number as Keri's number and we departed for HEB, cameras in hand.

We left Logan in the candy aisle and everyone kinda hovered about the candy aisle eagerly waiting for this guy. We kinda hid our cameras because of the whole "No camera" policy. Proz and I attempted to point out the guy for kicks and we eventually got a call from the guy.

I had Proz call him back and act like Keri's friend. He said, "This is Keri's friend. Keri's shy and waiting for you in the candy aisle."

We saw this BUTT UGLY guy walk by a few times and we were wondering if that was our guy. Sadly, he didn't catch on that Logan was Keri... so he went to work as a bagger in HEB.

We decided to head outside and we all kinda chatted for awhile. Eventually Sethos dressed in the Alice in Chains hoodie and walked inside. Proz and Logan got held back because the manager saw their cameras while Keri and I got by. We tried to get a good shot of this guy talking to Sethos, but we couldn't get it before we got kicked out.

Apparently, Daniel totally thought that Sethos was Keri and even hugged her. XDDD

The lady kicked us out and threatened to call the cops on Logan if he came back to the store. Poor Logan. He got stood up by a retard.

We traveled back to Keri's place to hang out for the rest of the night. While talking about what we did earlier and enjoying cake, the guy called.

Logan picked up and was faking a female voice and the guy fell for it! Dumbass!

Other than that, we all just kinda messed around and had a blast. Proz was challenged to eat a big ass piece of cake.. it was kind of disgusting, but funny at once.

Eventually Tori and I went upstairs to talk and Proz later joined us and we talked about relationship stuff. Proz fell asleep on Keri's bed and we put my chococat blanket on him and took pictures. :P

-Scene cut out for fear of Logan's wrath.-

Eventually the poor guys had to leave and the girls got ready for bed. Some girls went into a spare room while some others stayed in Keri's room. In Keri's room we had some "interesting" conversations before crashing.

Sunday morning:

I was sore as hell. Keri's floor is NOT comfortable at all. xD

We had an awesome breakfast made by Keri's awesome mom! And I drank coffee. Yummy!

Eventually, we had to get going. Siris filled up the car and we were on our way home. :<

Overall, I had a blast.


-Kawaii Seth

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