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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Time: 12:00 AM

Song: Julia

By: Gigi D'Agostino

Mood: Content

No lyrics.


Hey guys. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the comforting words and all, but I have no room to mourn for days upon days. Death is a hard thing to deal with, but simply dwelling on it will not allow me to move on with my life and be who I truly want to be. She's in a better place now and I have no reason to be sad for that...

..it'd be rather selfish to want to keep her in this hellhole simply because I miss her, ne? :3

Seth: You have a way putting things...

I know.



San Japan, a convention taking place here in San Antonio, Tx. in 2007, has granted permission...

... for me to take a belly dancing squad on stage for a performance before the cosplay show!

This means a lot of hard work before the convention, but it'll be worth it if we can pull it off and all, right?

My IRL friend, you know who you are, make your decision now and don't plan on letting up. We'll be starting early!


And Lemony Slash and I have thrown together a skit to make a commercial for San Japan!


Twins = Lemony Slash and Kawaii Seth

Reaper = Unknown yet

Victim = Unknown yet

Victim: *Crying.* I am so tired of traveling out of town for the anime conventions that I want to go to! Why can't there just be a convention here in San Antonio for once?! It's not fair!

Grim reaper: *Appears.* Foolish mortal! There will NEVER be an anime convention in San Antonio!

Victim: It's not true!

Reaper: Oh, yes it is!

Victim: *Drops to knees.* NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Twins: *Shows up in ridiculous costumes.* Stop right there, reaper!

Reaper: Wha?! The Totally Tubular Twins?!?!

Twins: *Cheesy thumbs up and smiles.*

Twins: We've come to stop you from causing all of these anime fans heart ache and pain!

Victim: Run! Save yourselves!

Twins: *To the victim.* Shhh! You're ruining our entrance scene!

Reaper: There's nothing you can do to stop me! BWAHAHAHA!

Twins: Ever heard of San Japan?

Reaper: What?!

Twins: That's right! San Japan, July 13th-15th in 2007!

Reaper: NOOOOO!

Twins: Your reaping days are over! You've been totally owned!

Reaper: *Screams and falls on the victim.*

Victim: *Passes out.*

Twins: *Walks up and pokes the victim.* Uhmmm.... oops. *Looks at each other and runs off.*



And that is it for the update! *Skitters off.*

-Kawaii Seth<3

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