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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Another short post.
Time: 11:10 AM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Anxious to da max.

Well, guys. I'm heading over to Bishojo Tenshi's house today for a sleep over, then we'll be road trippin' our way to Dallas for A-kon.

I'll take tons of pictures to share with you all when I return!

Until then... good bye!

Seth: Kawaii! You must finish packing! There is no time for good byes when we are leaving in less than an hour!

Oh gods! You're right. *Rushes off.*

Seth: She has got to quit procrastinating. *Sighs.* Good bye, my friends.

Seth! Come help me pack!

Seth: Yes, Kawaii!

-Kawaii Seth<3

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