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Friday, May 12, 2006

Time: None.

Song: Filth

By: Dir En Grey

Mood: A little intrigued

S teki S teki S teki S wo kakusei
S teki S teki S teki S wo umekome
S teki S teki S teki M wo setsudan
S teki S teki puratonikku wo hajimemashou

kibanda yoku no mushi wa
yokkyuufumanteki rikaisha
kusatta ringo ieki no naka
seiyoku suupu mo omeshiagare
S yoku horumarin tsuke no
dokudoku tareru pinku no uji
kusatta ichigo asoko no naka
ketsueki jitate no marina sawaa

Filth Hi

eiga wo miyou kimi no yakusoku dohri te wo tsunai de
yoru ni wa owakare desu ringo to ichigo ga kusaru mae ni
yume wa hirogaru kimi no yakusoku dohri kisu wo shi nagara
kimi to wa owakare desu saigo no bansan tanoshimimashou

Filth Hi

S teki S teki S teki S wo nomihose
S teki S teki S teki S karu, horaa
S kakusei ga odemashi da
yotte rasshai mite rasshai
S teki S teki shinkuro shikomi no retoro horaa

nikuyoku fesutibaru ga hajimaru
seiyoku fesutibaru ga hajimaru
S teki fesutibaru no bousou
jinniku jinsoku saiko horaa
kanzou iri no orenji jyuusu
jinzou majiri no amakuchi karee
suizou shikomi no pesukatohre
itoshi no itoshi no saiko horaa

English Lyrics!

Sadistic sadistic sadistic awaken the sadist
Sadistic sadistic sadistic bury the sadist
Sadistic sadistic sadistic sever the masochist
Sadistic sadistic let's begin this platonically

The sallowed, greedy insects
Are my frustrated sympathisers
Rotten apples inside my gastric juices
Won't you try the soup of sexual desire?
The dripping, oozing pink maggots that
Soak in the formaline of sadistic desire
Rotten strawberries inside of that*
A sour marinee prepared with blood

Filth Hi

Let's see a movie, holding hands like I promised you
Saying farewell in this evening before the apples and strawberries go rotten
The dream stretches forth, while we're kissing like I promised you
Saying farewell to you let's enjoy the Last Supper

Filth Hi

Sadistic sadistic sadistic drain the sadist dry
Sadistic sadistic sadistic sadistical, horror
The sadistic awakening comes forth
Come one, come all and see
Sadistic sadistic synchro prepared retro horror

The festival of carnal desires will begin
The festival of sexual desires will begin
The out of control sadistic festival
The rapid human flesh psycho horror
Orange juice with liver
Sweet curry mixed with kidney
Pescatore prepared with pancreas
The beloved, beloved psycho horror


Iím beginning another project here in this computer class that consists of creating an advertisement for a ďluxuryĒ item of some sort. Now, Iím not big into cars or big luxury items like that. Nor am I into television sets that are over-priced or devices that no one could ever really need. Iím not into wasting my money like some people are these days.

The only thing I could think of to advertise that costs money is the Gothic Lolita style clothing that are sold in stores for big prices and what not. Since people seem to be losing the ability to sew together their own Gothic Lolita or lack the imagination to do soÖ they began to sell this style in stores.

However, I could the style as a luxury item due to its price. Itís a little like people going somewhere to buy pants that are ripped and faded for about $40 instead of going to Wal-mart, finding the same style for $20 and ripping and faded them on their own. Gothic Lolita is really easy to make, but people would rather pay their money just to get their hands on Gothic Lolita.

Personally, I love Gothic Lolita to death and would give anything for the time to design some of the outfits Iíve come up withÖ so no one should be offended by what I say. I just donít like how people go out to buy Gothic Lolita worth tons of money like some do. For example:

I went walking in Hot Topic the other day and I saw, with my own eyes, a Dir En Grey shirt. I am so happy that Dir En Grey is making such good progress and all, but knowing some peopleÖ they will just buy the Dir En Grey shirt because itís being sold in Hot Topic! Some wonít know who Dir En Grey is or anything, but since a popular place like Hot Topic is selling it, the shirts will get bought. Itís almost like a cruel way of commercial advertising.

Just like places like American Eagle and all of those other designer shops. People will go out to have the newest trends of clothes for $50 a shirt, enjoy the style for at most a year and then throw the clothes away after the style is over and done with. Iím sorry, but if I want a polo shirt with stripes, I can buy one for a much cheaper price at Wal-Mart or Target.


AnywayÖ so thatís my post today. All nothing but personal opinion. xD

Seth: I feel dizzy againÖ

Go lay down. O.o

Seth: Alright. *Smiles.*

-Kawaii Seth<3

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