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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Too Tired... (May contain ranting.)
Too tired to state what I'm listening to or to state the time.

My fourth of July was all right, I guess.

We hung out and watched music videos and what not, but for the majority of the time, I chose to remain a bit quiet.

Only because of the fact that I sensed this tension in between all of us at the time.

Later on in the night, we talked some sense into Yugi. We actually told her how much she's pissed us off and made us miserable.

She did the usual blaming us more than herself, but then she finally let things set in.

Around 11:00PM, we went back outside and hung out. I felt a bit... I dunno... left out. I really didn't feel the need to be toying with fireworks. So, I walked into the driveway area and called Ian.

I talked to Ian until midnight, mainly because Yugi was getting all pissy mode about how I wouldn't stop talking to Ian.

.... So she's allowed to have fun in her own way and I can't?

They wonder why I planned on leaving my little group of friends... heh.

I mean, Sethos is great. And so is Alex.. I would never leave them.

But I find Yugi a bit too childish and selfish for my taste now. She's immature and it just pisses me off more so than ever. ^.^;

But I guess I can stomach her for now. Maybe she'll keep her promise and actually change her selfish ways... .-.

Erm... later on that night, we tried to sleep, but couldn't.

Lacey fell asleep, Yugi was being a bitch about how we "didn't care about her because we never take her seriously".

What the fuck? We had a gigglefit! I was like, drunk... how the hell can she expect me to take her seriously?

I never take anyone seriously unless they have a REAL problem... not just out to get attention.

At around... 2:30 AM, Sethos, Alex, and I went downstairs and devoured Ramen while watching a movie until about 4:30 AM.

Then we went upstairs (Where Yugi started yet MORE shit! Whoopty-doo! I refuse to go out with her and she needs to get the hell over it.) and giggled and talked non-stop until it was time for Sethos to get up and go to summer school.

Then we all stood and walked downstairs after I made a daring jump from air matress to actualy solid matress. ^.^

We were driven home at around 7:00 AM. And then Alex and I attempted to sleep... but the damn phone kept ringing!

Then mom ended up banging for me to get out of bed and help her empty the groceries out of the car. So I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted...

... and that's probably why I'm ranting about things that piss me off more then how much fun I had. And I'm really sorry for ranting to all of you.

Well... I'm bushed and heading out... g'night everyone.

Phlinx, hope you're doing good, bro.

Shout out to everyone: I love you all so much that words cannot even describe it.

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