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Monday, June 27, 2005

*Sighs Dreamily.*

Song: B.Y.O.B.

By: System of a Down

Time: 11:47 PM

Well... this my re-cap on Saturday's Subway Party! <3

Let's see...

I ended being struck by massive insomnia Friday night, so stayed up 'til about 5:00 AM talking to people on the computer and once my computer connection was shot, I just stayed awake talking to Alex all night.

So... needless to say, when I got woken up by my dad at 11:20 AM... I wasn't really happy at all and headed straight for a Mountain Dew can and a shower to wake me up. =3

Umm.. while I was in the shower, Ian called about them on their way and stuff.

I answered the door and the first guest, Sethos, appeared... ready to spend the night!

Then Tori showed up with her little brother... so we sat in a circle with our hands grasping each other and singing some weird song. xD

Then Ian and Kevin showed up! Yay-ness and what-not. <3~~

Kevin broke out his Karaoke Revolution and we began to sing random songs and stuff. We even had a blast with Kevin singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and me attempting to sing "I'll Make Love to You" while Ian was sitting right infront of me. >.
After a few games and what-not, Zappa finally showed up with Subway food stuffs! I was really hungry before he came... but couldn't really eat once I got the Sunbway stuff.

I guess I was just REALLY nervous... because I ate really fine after Ian and co. were gone. xD;;

Well... much cuddling occured between everyone. It was really interesting and made all of us happy... 'cept for Zappa.. who got ditched a few times because his girlfriend and Sethos wanted "girl time" while I wanted to spend as much time as I could near Ian. *Blush.*

Tori and Kevin spent their time poking each other, which was REALLY cute, and I got Zappa to give a ring to Alex for promise reasons.

When Zappa was giving Alex the ring, he took my advice and said what I told him to say... which was... "You're like a dream I don't want to wake up from." because the ring I gave to Zappa to give to Alex had the word "Dream" engraved into its suface.


I am SO win. *Peace sign.*


We were watching the others play Karaoke Revolution and I got to cuddle with Ian... in a way. X3

He put his arm around me and I felt really warm and all that romantic stuff that I NEVER talk about to others much. xD

The whole time we "couples" were the room, all of us kept making a heart shape with our hands and pointing to random people when Zappa pointed out how him and Alex were a couple and me and Ian aren't... and Ian and I were cuddling more so then them! *Rolls laughing.*

I said, "That's sad... Ian and I aren't even together!" and Zappa and I think Ian said, "Yet." I think that caused me to blush for the 1,000th time that day. XD

Sometime while we were playing Karaoke Revolution, Sethos was scratching me behind my ear, so I closed my eyes. I felt her hand leave for a minute before the scratching proceeded, but when I opened my eyes... Ian took over apparently. XD!

So I purred and closed my eyes again, probably still blushing. >.>

At one point in time, he leaned on me and nearly fell asleep on my shoulder while Zappa was showing me his drawings and what-not. Awww... so kawaii. <3

Then mom came out and told all of us they could stay later if we all watch Equilebrium! Sweet!

Movie + Crush = Cuddle time!

*Victory dance.*

Erm... *Coughs.* o.o

So, yeah... at first... Tori and Kevin were on the couch and I was laying my head on Ian's chest while Sethos, Alex, and Zappa were downstairs talking or something.

Then I asked Ian if he'd like to move to the couch, so we did. I sat next to the arm rest of the couch and he sat to my right, with his arm around me again. -^.^-

I felt really really comfy with Ian. Like I've known him forever or something... because he always kept his arms around me whenever I sat down... which was freakin' awesome! *Faints 'n stuff.*

Well... the movie ended at about 9:30 PM and my dad went downstairs with us to say "Bye.".. which really made me mad because of a few things...

1. Zappa could kiss Alex bye.
2. I couldn't give Ian the kiss I wanted to give him.
3. I had to hurry and usher everyone out before my dad got impatient.

So, yeah... I felt really bad after everyone was gone because I felt like a I had rushed everyone too much, but I think everyone understands.

Dad is insecure... he has no problem with me being with anyone as their girlfriend... but he's insecure about the cuddling and what-not.

Mom is cool about it. She thinks Ian and Kevin are cuties. XD!

I called Phlinx for the first time ever and got some comforting words from him and TRIED to give him comforting words... which I feel were just blantantly ignored and not even thought about at all... so, yeah...

And then Sethos, Alex, and I stayed up all night talking... as usual.

Yup... no time for shout outs guys. But I ejoyed my Saturday a lot! *Mwees and stuff.*

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