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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars Day!!!!

Song: Darth Vader ReMiX

By: DJ War-Master

Mood: *Pulls out a light saber.* o.o

Well... today was in fact Star Wars at school for me! Oh, it was so cool. ^.^

I was standing outside talking to Patrick (Who had a blue light saber attatched to his belt) and clinging onto Kazuo when we saw this guy who dressed as Darth Vader!

He was standing around with another guy who dressed as Luke and they were messing with their sabers.

Then out of nowhere, Travis (Sporting a nice Jedi costume) came running at him screaming with a saber too! I laughed so hard and everyone watched and cheered on Travis. xD

I grabbed Patrick's saber and ran about with it, challenging others who had saber's as well and Travis adopted me as his jedi b**ch. xD;;;

All day, we saw people with Vader helmets and sabers all over the place. It was so nice to see so many Star Wars fans around.

Josh was actually amazed that we felt like we belonged for once with the majority of the school. ^.^;

And, yep... that was all the interesting stuff that happend. ^.^

Come to the dark side....

We have cookies! ^.^

Phlinx, 'twas nice talkin' to ya. Love you, bro.

Tol, Mokona, huh? >.>;

Tala, happiness is always good.

Wuffers, it takes a lot to be as dedicated as you.

Zappa, sorry for not calling back. I was put to work.

Newbeh, have fun eating those people!

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