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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ushicon Meet and the Forgotten Pills...
Time: 6:33 pm

Song: Around the World

By: Daft Punk

Mood: Back to being mellow. -.-

Today started off very slow at first. We woke up pretty early, thus surviving with only three hours of sleep all day and took our showers.

After screwing with my hair, and Sethos laughing at me because my hair was all over the place (It looked almost like Kakashi's hair. xD) and seemed to eat my head, we sat downstairs listening to random techno for about an hour.

Then the fun began when we walked out the door and into my moms car... then I realized that I forgot to take my meds... kuso.

After getting lost and what-not, we made it to the meet about five minutes after Abel showed up. He had us stand out front to see if any other boardies were gonna show up.

Phlinx, Alora, and Newbeh arrvied a bit after us and went up to the picnic tables and stuff. We waited around for Colter and Red febreeze ninja to who up, but we got tired of it and went up to the picnic table soon after Phlinx and co. arrived.

We all hung around eating at the beginning once everyone was there. I tackled Colter and he was being a pervert and began to make it look like a lap-dance. xD

After eating and wondering where Phlinx poofed to (More like... Alora wanted to know.) I decided to go exploring.

It was a bit boring at first... until Abel told us that we were free to climb anywhere... then the fun started.

I was all over the place about as much as Phlinx. I was climbing up the cliffs, saying hi to Newbeh, who was down in the pond area, and running all throughout the trees and bushes.

The scenery was so beautiful. When I sat up on the cliff with Sethos.. I felt like I was back hom in Kyoto, Japan. Good thing I got pictures! <3

After a while... my back, ribs, wrists, and knees began to ache... boy was I wishing that I had taken my pain killers and Effexor to calm me down right then. u.u

No one really seemed to notice though... so all was great.

Phlinx was standing up on this cave area and I crawled up to examine the cave and acted like something pulled me in... it was kinda funny to me at the time.

I think Alora likes me a bit more now... we seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot on the board and I thought she wouldn't like me at all. But me and Alora had a great time running around and what-not.

Eventually, I joined Newbeh, Phlinx, Alora and Abel down in the pond area, where Newbeh sparred with Abel and Phlinx for awhile. You pwn Phlinx! That was one hell of a one-hit-wonder! x3

We went up to the picnic table to get drinks and some food too. Then we somehow decided on playing kickball for awhile to have some fun.

I kicked the kickball over the stone wall accidently and Phlinx went to get it. He jammed the ball in between some rocks and when I went to get it, he was like, "Be careful I can get it." The nerve nii-san... I'm more experienced and smarted then you think! *Shakes a fist.*

We went across the street to play kickball for a while. We handed the other teams their asses in it though. We pwn. <3

Except for the time when I attempted to kick the ball and my shoe went with it... that was pretty funny.

After kickball, we all retired back to the garden where Sethos disapeared with Abel and Alora, Newbeh, Phlinx, and I went into the pond area to talk.

Alora got a bit dramatic, but I didn't let that ruin my day... my ribs were hurting too much to actually care about anything at the moment.

My parents called and everything seemed to go crashing down when I couldn't find Sethos. Phlinx tried to help me find her, but to no avail.

I eventually parted with Phlinx to find her... after hugging him. I tried my best not to cry when I called him nii-san like I did to Kyle.. my older brother.

I had just then remembered that today marks the two year anniversery of my older brother's death... man that sucked.

So upon not taking my pills, remembering that today was THAT day, and not being able to find my best friend... all bottled up inside of me and I exploded.

I found Sethos and snapped at her, which I apologized about later on... I also feel exceedingly bad about snapping at a random guy for asking a simple question. I didn't mean to be such a bitch... *Sigh.*

Well... the drive home was spent in much silence. And when we got home, Sethos stayed in my room while I got yelled by my dad for "not having the responsibility to take care of my best friend" and I got a pretty nice slap for "back talking". All I said was, "I'm sorry.. I'll be more responsible next time, sir." How is that back talking? -.-;

Well... Sethos and I are about to watch Naruto for awhile... so I'm going to lighten up. I just can't wait to move out.. and into a home where people actually care. xD

Well.. I can't complain about today... it was really good. And I'm sure that Kyle (My older brother... now disceased) would want me to be happy on a day such as this.

I would like to thank Alora, Trunks, Abel, Soto, Newbeh, and Abel's friends for allowing me to have such a good time today. And Sethos... you'll always be my sister... no matter how bad you are at sports.

I really do wish that Ian could have come though... He's my sexy Zabuza. Aishiteru, Ian!! <33

Most of all, thank you Phlinx for being here for me and actually caring to ask how I was. I know it didn't seem like much to you... but it did mean a lot to me. I do look at you as an older brother...

I must be off now.. going to go calm down and wipe my face... damn water. XDD!


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