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Monday, March 14, 2005

   Lollipop Bang Bang!
Time: 11:50 PM

Song: Adiemus

By: Enya (Yes.. I like Enya)

Current Mood: Worn out... u.u

All my friends know that everyday, after school... I love to sit on my friend Matt. Matt is known for being lazy after school and he likes to lay down in the grass. So I sit on his stomache... and he doesn't care at all.

Well, on friday, Yugi gave me a lollipop and I unwrapped it and licked one side of it. Then I looked down at Matt and put the lollipop to his lips, where he licked the other side of it.

So... that's when we started the "lollipop secks"! We kept licking the lollipop back and forth between each other. I would lick it and let him lick it next.

Mike stood by us for a while and was like, "Hey! I wanna join!" and then Noel said, "Lollipop orgy!" and jumped on Mike... where they proceeded to wrestle. o.o;

Well... the lollipop secks ended as soon as Matt bit the lollipop in half and I finished off the rest of it. I gave the stick to Matt and he acted like he was smoking after a good match of bump 'n grind. xD!!

Oh yeah... and remind me never to sit on Chris's (Yes Maki... THAT Chris.) shoulders again... he just randomly stands up with you on his shoulders and walks around. Then the guys try to push you off of him... and when you fall forward and his face is stuck in between your legs... let's just say you hear about it forever afterward. x.x;;

Oh well... I love my guys so much. x3

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