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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Well... I'm back from Ushi-con... and all I have to say is.. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I went and cosplayed as Kakashi from Naruto and everyone loved me. I got hugged by a lot of fangirls and few fanboys as well.

I went to the dealer's room and got stalked by this really nice and Kakashi-obsessed Itachi... freaky, ne? I bought a Kakashi plushi and a kunai to help me with my cosplay outfit.

We walked around all day, getting pictures taken, getting hugged and stuff. Then I saw a group of Naruto cosplayers taking group pictures... but they didn't have a Kakashi! There was a Kabuto, Gaara, Lee, Gai, Sasuke, Itachi, Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Zabuza (He was really nice!) , Haku, and another Gaara. They saw me and invited me to take the pictures with them. It was a lot of fun.

Later on in the day, I was sitting in the line with a bunch of people to get in to watch the cosplay. I didn't sign up to go on stage, so I figured I could just watch the skits and what not. Then Sasuke and Shikamaru ran up behind me and said "There you are! We've been looking for you! We thought you were in the game room still kicking ass on the Naruto fighting game, but they said you left!" I just shrugged and yawned. Then Sasuke asked if I wanted to cosplay with all of them.

I nodded and they took me in the cosplay room where a stage was and the whole group from earlier... yes... everyone was going on stage! And they were happy to have another Kakashi. There were two other Kakashi's... one with the vest and what not... and the other was 13-year-old Kakashi. I sat with them and we decided to do our own thing when we all walk on stage.

The Kakashi that had nearly the same outfit as me took one of Manga books and put an orange cover on and it looked exactly like Icha Icha Paradise!!

There were twelve of us... Kabuto, Kakashi, Other Kakashi, Me, Gaara, Lee, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sakura, Naruto, A guy with a shirt on that said "Ramen! Chicken flavored", and another Gaara.

When it was our turn to walk on stage, I opened the book and acted like I was reading it while walking up. Following me were Gaara and Rock Lee. Then the other Kakashi walked on, nearly walked by me, took a double-shot at the book, swerved his path, and stood behind me to read the book too. The 13-year-old Kakashi was the last to get on stage and he walked straight to us and began reading it too. All three of us were chuckling and pointing at the book and examining it while turning the page every now and then.

Once everyone left the stage, we stood there, looking at the book until the 13-year-old Kakashi poked the other Kakashi and they walked off, leaving me to read the book. I looked up, shrugged, and walked off, still reading!!

After the cosplay, Kakashi and I walked up stairs and met up with Zabuza and they walked to the dance. I told them I would be there soon. Sasuke and Shikamaru went upstairs to their room and made me some ramen, but I couldn't eat until they looked away. XD!!

Afterwards, we went to the dance downstairs... well... it was more of a rave. And we had glow sticks and went wild! I met this guy named Matt (who had been stalking me all day.) and we danced together using martial arts moves. We had a contest to see who could bring back the oldest dance and me and him won. We danced together... dancing like they did in the prom for the movie Greese (I don't care about spelling right now.)

The dance started at 10:00 PM and went on until 2:30 AM. I met a guy who loves Yaoi, a lesbian girl who was really nice, and of course, Matt. And a few other people wanted to rave with me.

I had a lot of fun raving with the other Kakashi. He was really nice and now we're staying in contact through instant messenger. He added me to his yahoo list and seemed excited to talk to me. His name is Phlinx.

Then a Duo girl was dancing and I walked up behind her and danced behind her. Everyone was like: "Yaoi! Yaoi!" and Duo turns around saying, "You wanna see some yaoi?" then she pulled down my mask and kissed me! xD!!!

We had a very good time... after the dance, I gave out my e-mail to all of my new friends and we hugged and hoped to meet each other again sometime. I can't wait 'til the next con... it's going to be a blast!!!

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