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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   Newbs suck.
Haven't you ever gotten so pissed off at a newb on the net that you just wanted to explode every single time they said "LiKe YoU CaN't KeEl Me Cuz I'm LiKe A gOd~!!!!!!"? I have... that's why I love to screw with them. Like today on Furcadia... I literally verbally abused this noob who thought I couldn't thrash him because he was in my pack's territory. Here's some advice for getting rid of the normal, everyday noob. If you use big words to confuse them... like the word irrational. My gods... EVERYONE knows what that word means... unless they are the kind of noob who speaks like this "Like lols!!!11 U R so kewl~!!" So... join me in my new clan... called the BTFN. Beat The Fucking Noobs! Join my my friends! We must rid of this scum that has brought our strongest, smartest friends to their knees!!! Oh gods! Kill them all now! *Goes off to grab more clan members.*

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