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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kawaii Seth has no sense of direction.
Time: 1:50 AM
Mood: Humored
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So Friday was complete proof that I can run into adventures without even trying. Let me explain, shall I?


I woke up at about 12:25 in the afternoon and proceeded to attempt to get a shower. I was supposed to be out of the house by 1:30 so I could pick up Kisa to finish my cosplay shopping and hers as well.

I go to take a shower and BOOM! The little brother is already occupying the showering facilities. So I wait and wait and wait some more and then end up taking a cold shower because he used all of the hot water. WTF?!

So I'm blow drying my hair and Nick (the little brother) walks in and here's the conversation from there:

Nick: Uhh... Seth?
Me: -Stops blow drying.- ... Yeah?
Nick: Can you take me to Wootz?*
Me: When?
Nick: Soon. Anthony's already there.
Me: .....
Nick: :D?!
Me: Yeah, whatever.

Wootz = A gaming cafe about five minutes away from my house.

So I rush to finish blow drying my hair, grab a little pie thing for my brunch and run out of the house with Nick in tow. He gave me gas money and I drove to pick up Kisa.

First stop: A thrift store.

I got myself a long sleeve shirt for my Haruko cosplay and Kisa got her turtle neck for her Julia (Cowboy Bebop. She's doing the trench coat version of Julia since she's not comfortable wearing a tight-ass jumpsuit).

We left the thrift store and got into my car.

Next stop: Wal-Mart

Kisa got herself a red umbrella for cosplay, a belt and sunglasses. I looked around some more and then we moved back into my car.

Next stop: Target

I looked for some gloves to no avail and we realized that toy guns are too politically incorrect for stores to carry anymore.


So Kisa got some black dress pants that fit, but they'll need to be cut and hemmed once again since she's so damn short.

Hey, chibis are cute. rofl

We stopped at Starbucks where she bought me some coffee and some food and we sat there eating in silence and drinking our heavenly coffee.

Next Stop: Back to Wal-Mart

I found some gloves!

-Does a little jig.-


I found out that Kisa's second cousin, Max, was having a birthday party at Incredible Pizza at 7:00 PM.

But Kisa didn't have a ride there because all relatives had full cars.

So I agreed to take her to the party and we went to my house to look up directions.

I looked up directions, wrote them down, and then we were on our way to the party. Sure, we had NO problem getting there, but that part comes later on.

The trip lasted 30 minutes.

I mean... the place seemed to be all the way across town from my house. What a hassle.

So we got there and we got in and I was surrounded... SURROUNDED by little children.

Allow me to fill you in on a little Kawaii Seth fact:

I hate children.

I can deal with them, but I don't want any...


So I surrounded by children and I had a mild headache, plus the anxiety was acting up a little. We ate, we watched the little kid open his presents, and then we went to go play games.

Yeah... the games kinda sucked.

Some flight simulator

That's about all I played. So we got bored and we decided to leave.

Here's when the real adventure begins.

Kisa calls her mom and asks to stay the night and my house and she says "Yes" after a little convincing.

So it was about 9:30 PM when we left... and we got COMPLETELY lost.

Somehow we ended up near North Star mall and I had no clue where exactly we were or HOW to get back. I tried to follow the directions BACK home, but we couldn't find the damn street that I needed to turn onto. lmao

So we ended up driving on a random highway and it turned out that we were heading toward Austin. We saw a sign that said:

Now Leaving San Antonio

And we decided to turn around and attempt to locate where we were. After mindlessly driving around looking for something familiar, we found a little place called "Toy Zone" which is what I usually see on the way to Tori's house.

WOOT! We found our way back!

So we found 1604 and attempted to get onto it.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw police lights flash on behind me, but the cop passed me to pull over some asshole that cut me off and sped up drastically.

Justice is served, for now.

So I found my way back to Culebra around 10:50 PM and I drove to Kisa's house to pick up some clothes for her. On the way back I noticed that my gas was so close to red-lighting.

We stopped at H-E-B... but I don't have a debit card and the box to pre-pay wasn't open.

So I drove to this ghetto little gas station called: JK Kwik Stop

I pulled to gas pump 1 and pre-paid... but it wouldn't work! D:

So the manager asked me to pull up to gas pump 3. When I turned on my car, my idiot light was on flashing: Low Fuel

I put the pump in my car... and realized the pump was leaking.

So I spilled gasoline on my hand and shook it off a little. We drove home and mom was like:

What happened?

Us: ... we got lost. XD

So I tool shower, made ramen, and got some coffee from the fridge (a yummy frap in a bottle from Starbucks) and then made this blog!

Kawaii Seth has a horrible sense of direction!

Cosplay progress:

[x]The red vest thing (I need to revise the tightness of the outfit though)
[x]Long sleeve cream colored shirt
[x]White go go boots (Compliments of Sethos)
[x]Black tight pants
[]Pink wig (On its way)
[]White scarf (Compliments of Luna)
[x]Guitar (Compliments of Sethos)
[]Goggles (Not until after Ikki, sadly)


- Kawaii Seth

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