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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It would be nice...
There are some things that happen in life that I stop and wonder why I even deal with them in the first place, you know?

So I have made a selfish list that I would like to happen. Not much of a "This will happen" list, but more of a "I wish" list. :]

It would be nice...

If people would just listen to me when I warn them about people.

If certain relationships never happened.

If I didn't have to worry about what my parents thought about everything I do.

If friends would stop being so jealous.

If I actually had a boyfriend for the first time in three years.

If I could live my life without people trying to direct me every which way.

If friends wouldn't get so tiffed that I can't be there with them 24/7.

If I could like something and NOT have it ruined by others obsessing over it.

If I could like someone without worrying about being hurt again.

If everyone got along like they used to.

If I can stop being friends with someone and NOT have to hear about them again.

If I didn't have to take part in stupid family trips.

If my family actually got along.

If people could stop being so emo about everything.

I do have a thank list... lol

I am thankful for:







Making it this far in life

What little family I do have

The interweb

I guess that's it. :]


- Kawaii Seth <3

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