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Heyas! Just like most here, I'm an avid anime fan, wanting to share my art with the world. I've been drawing seriously since elementary school. So that's about 7, 8 years now. I was president of the Art Club for my school my senior year and I've taken two Advanced Placement Art classes. So yeah, I'm pretty devoted. I really appreciate critiques and comments on my art whenever I can get it. And my fans keep me motivated and inspired. Lots of credit for them. So I hope you stop by and check out my stuff! Who knows, you may just like it!

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Friday, December 7, 2007

   In Teh Finalz
Well, the New York Anime Festival has started and I for one am anxious!! @.@ Both of my entries made it into the finals for the winter art and the Silver Moon Black Sun doujinshi contest. All I can do is sit in my little computer chair and cross meh fingers. x3 I wonder what day of the festival the voting will begin? >.>

Blah blah...I'm so tired right now. ^^; So how is everyone doing? Anyone have any snow yet? I know I've got about 5 inches sitting on my car right now. XD It's pretty but man it's teh stink when you gotta drive in it, especially these country road where you might get lucky and have a snow plow come once. =P

*Starscream: Bahahaha!! You primative humans and your silly machinery amuse me. I don't have to move around the snow, the snow moves around ME!*

Right Screamer....right. =P

Take care!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

   I feel loved~
Thanks to all of you who've read my Transformers comic and my fanfiction!! =3 If you want to get to my fanfiction.net story, here's the link...


And yes, I'm drawing fan art for my fan fiction! =D Currently I'm working on a serious pic of the movie version of Starscream...GEEZ, let me tell you!! He's NOT easy to draw, well, he's not too difficult either but he has so many PARTS to him. XD Even though it isn't like the old G1 Starscream, I still admire the person who designed him. I mean, 10,000 parts to a robot design is pretty flippin' insane. XD

So, anyone have any ideas they want to share for my Transformer comics? Hmmm? <.< >.> I'd like to hear what you peeps wanna see! (just no slash, thank you.) =)

Take care!

*Starscream: Goodbye, fleshlings...may you sleep in fear!* XD

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   Transformers! Crack in disguise....
Never before have I been so utterly addicted to a series as Transformers. I mean, I watched the Armada series a few years back, but when I saw the movie...my soul was snatched like a new born babe. I'm currently writing a fan fiction over it, which has some serious potential once I get through the first three chapters. If you're an ff junkie, here's the link if you wanna read. ^_^


I'm also drawing a mini comic series of the Transformers. Mostly I'm poking fun at Megatron and Starscream, because I love them that much! XD I have a few strips already in mind! Mwahahaha...

One last thing...I hope the voting for the NYAF contests start soon!! I wanna know the results, or at least WHEN the results will be in. ^^;

Take care peeps!


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