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Friday, December 7, 2007

   In Teh Finalz
Well, the New York Anime Festival has started and I for one am anxious!! @.@ Both of my entries made it into the finals for the winter art and the Silver Moon Black Sun doujinshi contest. All I can do is sit in my little computer chair and cross meh fingers. x3 I wonder what day of the festival the voting will begin? >.>

Blah blah...I'm so tired right now. ^^; So how is everyone doing? Anyone have any snow yet? I know I've got about 5 inches sitting on my car right now. XD It's pretty but man it's teh stink when you gotta drive in it, especially these country road where you might get lucky and have a snow plow come once. =P

*Starscream: Bahahaha!! You primative humans and your silly machinery amuse me. I don't have to move around the snow, the snow moves around ME!*

Right Screamer....right. =P

Take care!

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