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Monday, November 26, 2007

   I feel loved~
Thanks to all of you who've read my Transformers comic and my fanfiction!! =3 If you want to get to my fanfiction.net story, here's the link...


And yes, I'm drawing fan art for my fan fiction! =D Currently I'm working on a serious pic of the movie version of Starscream...GEEZ, let me tell you!! He's NOT easy to draw, well, he's not too difficult either but he has so many PARTS to him. XD Even though it isn't like the old G1 Starscream, I still admire the person who designed him. I mean, 10,000 parts to a robot design is pretty flippin' insane. XD

So, anyone have any ideas they want to share for my Transformer comics? Hmmm? <.< >.> I'd like to hear what you peeps wanna see! (just no slash, thank you.) =)

Take care!

*Starscream: Goodbye, fleshlings...may you sleep in fear!* XD

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