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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

how long has it been since i posted? it feels like forever.
yesterday was officially my last day of school, but i was NOT doing 5 finals in one day. so i'm going until tomorrow at least. my brain hurts XD
went to my therapist on monday and wow, she's good. i ended up telling her one of the Very Big Things That I Never Tell Anyone. and then me and b-chan got into a conversation about it last night, which was... awkward. i had said something about being in therapy and she said i was fine. i'm not fine. i'm very not fine. b-chan thinks it's just depression, but there's more to it. this is probably confusing because i'm not clarifying, but oh well. i trust you guys and all, but i'm not telling the Very Big Thing. ever. to anyone. except my therapist. i thought she was going to have to tell my mom (yeah, it's that big a deal) but she didn't so i'm glad.
i have started yet another fanfic. *dies* it's death note, of course. that's all i ever write now lol. that makes four death note fanfics! at the same time! no wonder my brain is fried. speaking of fanfics, i'm going to try to get the rest of the short little scenes up so i can start writing the actual fanfic again. hopefully soon. i tihnk i only have one short scene left. so i might put it up today if i remember. but i probably won't start posting the actual fanfic until next week. stupid finals taking up brain space >_< i do not need to know the two divisions of the aunotomic nervous system!
*sigh* exams are calling.

Today's Random Thought: Norrisaphobia -- the fear of being roundhouse kicked in the head.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love my therapist :D This might actually work. She listened and gave me feedback, unlike the last lady i went to who just kind of sat there and stared at me the whole time. I'm going back monday.
as soon as me and my mom stepped in the door at home, my little cousin becca lunged for me. she moves pretty fast for not being two yet. her mommy was going to be on tv because the place where she works was on the news. we saw her ^^ she said she didn't even klnow they were taping, everyone was like "what's happening??" lol.
i had the weirdest dream last night. i was talking to a friend (who i didn't recognize XD) and this mean girl, who was being terrible to everyone, came up and interrupted us. then my friend beth came up and interrupted her, and i told her it was rude and to apologize, so she did. and then i just went off on the mean girl XDD i yelled that she was being rude too, because she had interrrupted us in the first place and she was being horrible to everyone all day. she started calling me names, and right as i was about to slap her across the face, my mom woke me up XD
i'm trying to convince b-chan to let me post her random little fanfic scenes. she has a lot that involve matt and mello, namely mello bringing a girl home and matt ruining any chance he might have had of getting with her. it is HILARIOUS. and we "lend" our OCs to each other so one of them has haruka in it :D i happen to think that one's the funniest, because it involves mello pretending to be gay to ruin matt's chances with a girl. if you guys would want to hear them, i'll see if i can convince her to let me post them. because i'm nice and promised i wouoldn't without her permission. she said she wants to but doesn't want comments because she's antisocial, even though i told her they would all be good comments because she's funny and you guys are nice ^^
speaking of random fanfic scenes, i've got another haruka and matt one (two actually) that i'll put up soon. maybe today, not sure.
getting my hair cut today, i'll finally have bangs again XD i'm trying to convince my mom to let me dye my bangs blue but she syas she won't pay for it. but she'll pay for highlights. i want to know what the difference is, besides the fact that one is a natural color and one isn't.
oh wow, i'm leaving soon actually. time for the random thought!

Today's Random Thought: Life is like a pack of gum; I've yet to figure out why.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

i've kinda been forgetting to post on here. oops ^^'
my thoughts on death note on saturday:
1. i heart matt's voice ^^
2. i heart matt's car
3. i heart matt in general XD
4. screw the anime, he's a redhead!

now that that's out of my system, you can probably tell from my title that i'm pissed. well, some [insert words i'm not allowed to say here] on the road saturday night tried to kill my uncle. my uncle and cousin were both leaving my house in seperate cars and this idiot hit the back of my cousin's car twice for no reason! the babies weren't in there thank God. so this guy sees my uncle writing down his plate, and [B]rammed him into a freaking tree![/B] if he hadn't been in the car he was in, he would have been killed. then this guy drove home, called the cops and said my cousin hit HIM! my uncle went to the emergency room and got x rays but he's ok. now let's focus on his car: it's a dune buggy, completely one of a kind, cannot be replaced. the engine is intact so he can get a new body and put the engine in it but he will never get his buggy back. which means the insurance company will also be pissed. the cops wrote it up as attempted vehicular homicide. but here's what gets me: THEY DIDN'T ARREST HIM. he's going to be in the paper in like two days for having killed someone, i guarantee you.
on to happier things. me and b-chan were texting (like always) last night and, as we usually do, we put random anime characters into our conversation, cuz we're cool like that XDD usually it's matt from death note. she pointed out to me that matt's the third smartest kid at wammy's and we make him seem dim, which is true XD but i came up with a little argument between matt and haruka, which b-chan enjoyed so i thought I'd put it up here.
b-chan: *said something about our previous morbid conversation being matt's fault*
haruka: it always is.
mett: well you're the one who scarred me for life when i was 8.
haruka: you mean the dragging you by the pants thing?
matt: you completely screwed me up as a kid.
haruka: so you steal cars and smoke because i dragged you down the hall by your pants one time? i don't buy it.
matt: and all the times i had to fix you computer! how many times can a laptop break in one day?
haruka: apparently six.
and that was where my brain shut off ^_^ i'll probably be putting up more short scenes soon, i have two already written and i'm working on another one.
crap have to start school.

Today's Random Thought: The police never think it's as funny as you do.

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