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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

how long has it been since i posted? it feels like forever.
yesterday was officially my last day of school, but i was NOT doing 5 finals in one day. so i'm going until tomorrow at least. my brain hurts XD
went to my therapist on monday and wow, she's good. i ended up telling her one of the Very Big Things That I Never Tell Anyone. and then me and b-chan got into a conversation about it last night, which was... awkward. i had said something about being in therapy and she said i was fine. i'm not fine. i'm very not fine. b-chan thinks it's just depression, but there's more to it. this is probably confusing because i'm not clarifying, but oh well. i trust you guys and all, but i'm not telling the Very Big Thing. ever. to anyone. except my therapist. i thought she was going to have to tell my mom (yeah, it's that big a deal) but she didn't so i'm glad.
i have started yet another fanfic. *dies* it's death note, of course. that's all i ever write now lol. that makes four death note fanfics! at the same time! no wonder my brain is fried. speaking of fanfics, i'm going to try to get the rest of the short little scenes up so i can start writing the actual fanfic again. hopefully soon. i tihnk i only have one short scene left. so i might put it up today if i remember. but i probably won't start posting the actual fanfic until next week. stupid finals taking up brain space >_< i do not need to know the two divisions of the aunotomic nervous system!
*sigh* exams are calling.

Today's Random Thought: Norrisaphobia -- the fear of being roundhouse kicked in the head.

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