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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

again, i didn't sleep last night. i'm never going to sleep again T_T my grandma woke me up this morning and when she left the room i rolled over and went back to sleep just because i could XD i'm tired but can't sleep, and i'm getting headaches and sometimes stomachaches, and i just plain don't feel good. i think all the stress right now is making my body freak out on me.
i tried to put up a picture yesterday but it wouldn't let me again. *crosses arms* i'll probably try again later today.
i think i had a weird dream last night, but i can't remember it. i hate that, i almost never remember my dreams.
i've been on a songfic kick lately lol. i wrote one yesterday and one the day before. but i probably won't post them, they're not that good =/
my mom goes to meet with my therapist today, and my appointment is a week from yesterday. i wish it were sooner.
that's pretty much all i have to say for now, pretty short post =/

Today's Random Thought: I think, therefore I am confused.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i have decided that i'm going to try to update on both my world on theO and here on myO because i miss my friends who didn't move over. i'll probably just copy and paste the post from one site to the other. note that i said "try." i might get confused (it happens easily) and forget to post, but i'll do my best. also, i haven't been posting much period because there's a lot of crap going on that i'm trying to deal with, so yeah.
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Friday, February 29, 2008

my cousin went into labor yesterday! she had the baby at 12:26 am, so he's a leap year baby ^^ they're thinking of naming him Isaac Dylon, which means we can't call him D.J. anymore (dylon jr.) we watched their on year old, becca, all night and dylon's coming to pick her up in a little bit. and someone just made becca not happy, i heard her scream all the way downstairs.
that's pretty much my only big news. i'm a little tired because SOMEONE (mom) woke me up when we got the call about little isaac.
i took my Bible midterm yesterday, which i HATED. my Bible class is HARD! my mom loked at my textbook and she said it's almost the same as what she had in college T_T so out of 30 questions, i left 9 blank. and i'm not good at math either, but i'm tihnking that's not good. so now my mom has to help me figure out the answers.
i want to just skip school today and go see the baby lol. oh, speaking of babys, i tried to get becca to give me a kiss yesterday and she pushed my face! and then i rolled over onto a block. the triangle >_<
spine exploded
that was pretty much my reaction lol.
i think that's it for now, and i have a long random thought that i saw on an icon that made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt ^^

Today's Random Thought: Light's all "Come with me and together we will build a beautiful fantastic new world order." And Matt's more "Come with me and we will get beautifully wasted and drive around knocking down people's mailboxes." Matt: my anti-kira

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

L Lawliet
only L.
i've got some new art up, if you guys would please go check it out. normally i'd put up thumnails but there's 5 pictures i think, so i'm not going to. i've got a naruto fan manga strip to put up sometime today. my grandma thought it was funny and she doesn't even know what naruto is lol.
my stomach hurts T_T not fun.
last night in small group at church, my leader was asking if we had gotten the emails she sent us and i was like "um... no." but everyone else did. which is weird, because i know she has my email, both of them in fact.
i have a Bible midterm today >_< it would be my last one, except i have to do the history midterm too because i didn't do it when i was supposed too. because someone *cough*mom*cough* didn't give it to me.
this feels like an extremely short post. but i can't think of anything to make it longer. so on to the random thought!

Today's Random Thought: A box of chocolates can provide your total daily intake of calories at once. Isn't that handy?

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i'm so tired -_-
the mentore program wears me out. next tuesday the kids are going to the fire station thoguh, so i don't have to go. don't get me wrong, i love those kids, but i get a break!
i'm going through starbucks withdrawal. i want a java chip frappuchino!!
i've been teaching my mom emotiocons lol. she sometimes reads the text messages that b-chan sends me because they're always funny and she'll go "what the heck does that mean?" and i'm like "...it's a smiley face mom." "and what's that?" "an upset face" and so on. it's pretty funny.
hopefully b-chan can come to church with me again tonight. Wednesday night are even better than Sunday nights. we sing more, and we have small groups. i love my small group ^^ i actually talk when i'm in there, which is probably a surprise because i don't normally talk, ever. *painfully shy*
apparently the picture i put up yesterday was better than i thought. thanks guys ^_^
crap. i meant to bring my folder down here and put up fan art. i have, let's see, *counts on fingers* 6 pictures to put up? i thought it was more than that. i'll try to put them up later today.

Today's Random Thought: I like my men cold, dead, and sparkling. (if you haven't read Twilight, you won't get this.)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i'm putting up the pic of me at the valentines banquet, which i DO NOT LIKE, but i promised i would. so here it is.
I'll try to put up a better one at some point. And i tried to make it smaller so it wouldn't mess evreything up, but i don't know if it worked. as i have said before, i am completely computer illiterate XD
taylor swift is on tv! *short attention span* i love taylor swift, she's awesome.
mentor program is today, which means yesterday was a bad time for me to wear my good jeans >_< so i'll have to find something presentable to wear, and remember that i'm supposed to be there by 4:40 instead of 5:30ish like the first time.
me and my mom cleaned my closet yesterday, and it looks nice! my mom took out everything and i put it back in neatly, and got rid of some clothes i didn't want. and it's organized so dresses are in front, then tops, then pants, and then cosplay. and i got rid of 3 pairs of shoes and 8 purses XDD i didn't know I had so many. i cleaned off the shelf too so now i actually have a place for that porcelin doll my aunt gave me. it's kind of scary, but it has the same name as me and she wanted to give it to me ^_^
i'm cold so i'm going to wrap this up.

Today's Random Thought: You may call me whatever you like, but I'm still taking your cake. (this is from death note, the manga not the anime. it wasn't as funny in the anime.)

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Monday, February 25, 2008

I am the walrus goo goo g'joo!
that's from a beatles' song. i discovered that i like the beatles.
b-chan slept over on saturday and went to church with us yesterday and it was so much fun! but now i'm exhausted. my mom let me sleep in a little today and i was happy^^ but still sleepy -_-
i got my picture from the banquet back, and i'll put it up tomorrow. i was going to today but i'm too tired to go upstairs and get it.
b-chan got the death note encyclopedia thing, and found out matt and near's real names and L's first name. now she's mad. I like L's name ^^
we watched across the universe, which is what got me on my beatles kick, and we both decided that max and jude are hot XD and sing really really good. except parts of that movie made me feel high XDD my mom said the beatles were probablt high when they wrote most of the songs.
that's all i have the energy to type right now -_- i'll try to remember to put up my picture tomorrow.

Today's Random Thought: You couldn't hit the barn side of a broad! (from across the universe)

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Friday, February 22, 2008

well, i was going to put up my drawings today but now that myO and theO is separated... i don't know how XD so if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.
MY MOM IS INSANE!!!!!!! she and miley went to the hospital yesterday for one of miley's migraine checkup things and it started snowing really bad and they decided that they were going to stay the night there because the roads were dangerous. and then they called me and my grandma to tell us they were on their way home!! and wehn she got home i used her fork to eat cake. that was her punishment XD
she let me sleep in today because the schools areound us had snow delays, so i got to sleep in till 10!
supernatural freaked me out last night. little girls are not supposed to be able to do that!! the name lilith scares me now. b-chan told me that in the jewish religion, lilith was adam's first wife who was evil. she ate the fruit and gave it to adam, then blamed eve and left him. b-chan is smart.
i found the original brothers' Grimm version of some fairy tales last night, and now i'm scarred for life. it wasn't a kiss that woke up sleeping beauty, it was the kicking in her stomach of twins that the prince impregnated her with while she was sleeping! my favorite prince is a rapist! still, i have sort of a twisted fascination with the Grimm fairy tales. i'm going to go to Barnes and Noble at some point and see if i can find the collected volume like b-chan's sister has.
i should probably start on school before my mom kills me >_<

Today's Random Thought: The tooth fairy teaches kids that they can sell their body parts for money. I blame her for prostitution.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

i'm so cold T_T stupid cold falling air! (hey, i actually learned something from science XD)
did anyone else see the lunar eclipse last night? i've never seen an eclipse before so i though it was awesome. very very cold. but awesome.
i'm so sleepy! i couldn't sleep last night and it was 1:00 and i started hearing weird noises like i do sometimes, so i got up and went to the living room. i fell asleep and then woke back up and right when i was about to go back to my room, my mom came in to check on me. she freaks out when i sleep in the living room.
holy crap. i have 3 exams today. english, math, AND history?! that's not fair! me and my mom are going to have to work something out, because i am not taking 3 of the hardest exams in one day.
i've got some pictures to put up eventually. I've been practicing Lewna! It's mostly girls in prom dresses that i got from a Seventeen magazine. i drew... 3 of them. and i like them, mostly. so i'll get them put up eventually. probably. maybe. at some point.

Today's Random Thought: Evil is a dish best served crazy.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The moon is 100% full! which has nothing at all to do with what i'm going to talk about, but it makes me happy ^_^
omg. OMG. I saw my friend j-kun yesterday and he was walking past me but when he saw me he stopped for a second and went "hey, how are you?" and then he rubbed my back! not for a super long time or anything, but still! He's never touched me before, and it kinda freaked me out. i told my best friend r-chan and she keeps saying he's my boyfriend XD so that was my excitement for the day.
I HAVE NO EXAMS TODAY!!!!!!!!! I do tomorrow, but none today whoo!!!!!!!!!!!
me and b-chan have been doing this death note role play thing for almost 2 days straight now. we keep texting each other questions, it's hilarious. this is one of my favorites that i asked: "L stands up to do something, and something falls out of his pocket. It's his baby picture! I don't know why he's carrying it, but he is. What do you do with it?" and her answer: "Keep it away from Light! By putting it in an adorable frame." lol!! Friends are awesome.
every school in my county and the next county over have a snow day, except for my old school. just because you live across the street doesn't mean it's that easy for everyone to get there mr. v!!
i'm cold now and i need to start on school. i don't want to T_T

Today's Random Thought: Ramen is good. Veggies are not. (i said this at the valentines banquet when a-chan tried to get me to eat vegetables. I'll stick with the chocolate kisses on the tables thank you.)

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