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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/10/07:
*smirks* i started laughing when i read this...^^

What Do Naruto Characters Think of You(For Girls)(With Detailed Explanations + your love life) by HajimeNoOwari
Enter Your Name
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Narutogot a nosebleed when he first saw you in your black and white ninja outfit, he thinks you are hotter than hot and constantly tries to get your attention
Sasukewould like to kiss you so badly but his damn pride won't let him
Gaaralikes you and although you can't see it, when he is with you he almost smiles
Nejithinks you are both strong and hot but you would never settle with someone from lower branch
Itachivowed to kill Sasuke for laying a finger on you after he killed his whole clan to make him pay for kissing you on the cheek
Kakashithinks of you as his little sister, he always looks after you, kicks Naruto's but when he insults you, scares away the male population, he even lends you his Icha Icha paradise books
Orochimaruwants your body, fuck Sasuke!
Kabutothnks you are sexy and wants to have you but is afraid Orochimaru would kill him if he "damaged" his new container
Shikamaruthinks you are strong, cool, and hot but he can't bother to win your heart because there are already too many guys going after it and it's just too trublesome
Shinoconsidered you a friend so he showed you his bug colection. He was amaised that you actualy knew half of them. He didn't tell you but he likes you a lot.
Kibathinks you are funny after he invited you to his place and when you saw his mother and sister asked which one was his dad
Your Splecial Traitsbrave, smart, quick to recover, value frendship
Your SoulmateShikamaru, you are both lazy and layedback
Who You End Up With And How You MetKabuto - Orochimaru assigned him to find as much information about you as he could
How You DieItachi gets fed up with your anoying attitude

Result Posted on 04/10/07:
Love this song..it's by Dirty Vegas.


Result Posted on 04/06/07:
*laughs* These guys are so funny..but they are also one of the best Teams out there....Yay, For Canada!!!

Result Posted on 04/02/07:
I love this song. (by Damone)


Result Posted on 03/30/07:
Dunno if this will work..hmm...


Result Posted on 03/30/07:
Yep..it's me...and i'm acutally TRYING to smile...^-^

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Result Posted on 01/11/07:
gah, this is funny..

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Result Posted on 09/30/06:
i love the red headed guy, Wat. he's really funny..."it's called a LANCE...hello..."


Result Posted on 07/30/06:
*blushes* i love fruits baskets..

What Will The Sohma's Say To You (A Fruits Basket Quiz For Girls) by SimplyDivine104
Hair color
Eye color
Favorite color
Yuki will sayI would love you if i could.
Kyo will saySHUT UP!!
Shigure will sayWelcome don't be shy.
Haru will sayI miss rin i want to be with her.
Hatori will sayIf you need anything else just call and i'll be over.
Ayame will sayLet me see..hmmm... i know take that dress off and put this one on.
Akito will sayI want you to live with me, but don't tell anyone.
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Result Posted on 07/11/06:
hee hee hee

What Do The Harry Potter Character's Think Of You? - Again, With Themes Tunes!
Harry: Doesn't really know you, but assumes that you're a nasty person because you're in Slytherin. Although... he can't help but glance at your short skirt when it swishes by. Goodness!Ron: Won't give you a second glance. End of.Hermione: Thinks you are a perfect example of a Slytherin... you and your short skirt - keh!Cho: Dislikes the way you behave. She finds it annoying how you flirt with everyone and then act all innocent like you never did anything at all.Neville: Thinks you're a sexy as hell, but despises you as a person. He thinks you're a user.Ginny: Always makes fun of you, but deep down, it's because she's jealous that she's not as confident as you... Aww.Cedric: Liked the way you swayed your hips, but never made it obvious or acted upon it. He wanted more than just looks.Draco: Thinks you're a hell of a girl, and won't let anyone else have you. Although he's a dark, bad boy, he treats you like his Queen. Protective and loving, and damn sexy!Pansy: Hates you with all her heart, and can't stand how much Draco likes you.Crabb: Wants you, but can't do anything for fear that Draco will kill him, basically.Goyle: Thinks you're sizzling hot, but doesn't like you because you always talk down to him - but he deserves it, he's a stupid idiot!Luna: Rolls her eyes at you; she feels sorry for you most of the time. Assuming that you're just an insecure, lost soul like the Gorbats. "...?"Lavender: Admires your figure, but doesn't like how you ignore anyone who isn't a Slytherin. Dumbledore: Is wary of you, and finds it tiring how he has to keep telling you that the school skirts have to be able to touch your knees.Hagrid: Blushes when you swing your hips past him, but also thinks you're a bad influence on the other students. He thinks you suit those Slytherin's well..Snape: Likes you almost just as much as Harry - and not just personality wise ^_~McGonagall: Thinks you're a disgrace. An embarrassment. A shame. Happy quizilling,~Goddess~
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