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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guess what?
I completely forgot Miyavi's birthday.

and I was going to send him something, too! Dx

Well, now that that's over...

If anyone wants to add me on myspace, this is the link.

I go on myspace more then I go on here, so I just figured..

And that party business..well, one's at 5:30, and the other's at 6:30. Both at night. But the one for my neighbors, I meant to say one of the kids who broke the Deidara plushie. And the other one, she invited 70 people. o_o

See ya!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

it's green now. xD
Well, I already had friends, it's just that a new crowd likes me (dunno why) all of a sudden. xD
Not obsessively, but just enough to make it strange.

Scooter..oh yeah. *forgot and then remembered*

I'm sorry. ;_;


Creed Diskenth is a psychopath.

Creed's picture was screwing up my site so click here instead.

It's that guy, in case you don't watch Black Cat. ^_^

But yeah. I was watching..episode 20, I think, and he was saying something like "..oh, I love this melody!!! I think I'm going to name it..intent to KILL!!mwahahaha!!!!!


But he's Train's psychopath. ^_^

Okay, I need you guys' help. I have two parties to go to..and they're both at the same time, so I need you guys to help me choose. ^_^
One party is my neighbor's birthday party. The other is one of my friend's parties. I see my neighbors every day..but I barely know the other person. ^_^;
any advice?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ta-chan's score is non existent.
It's an inside joke. xD sorta.

Damn. So I went back to school..and now the emo crowd likes me.. o_O
not that there's anything wrong with that.
Just saying.

So yeah. How long has it been? Sorry..I think I promised to come back on more..but whenever I feel like putting a post up, I don't have the time to. I mean, I go over what to say in a post like, every day, but I never post it. Odd.

Yeah. And my mom started up her rocking horse buisness thing, and we already have a few orders. :D
So yeah.

Hmm. I guess that's a long enough post..
See ya!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

- waves -
Ello. These new neighbors moved in down the street, and well...two of the five kids are annoying. One of them, she invited herself and her two sisters two stay the night at my house. The younger ones like, friggin ran around, and one of them, she would take stuff, and either ask to borrow it, or break it. Oh, and she broke my Deidara plushie.
;A; And I couldn't do anything because she's only going into second grade. I hoped she would be scared of me..that's why i looked like a raccoon with all my eyeliner. No, she was kicking and punching at me (which didn't hurt, of course) but yeah. But their older sister was nice, she was only a year younger than me. And I got her addicted to Black Cat.

And Ta-chan is getting back from her vacation, I think. :D

See ya!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I haven't been on much, gomen ne. It's just that I'm exhausted from harp camp. Seriously..who knew playing an instrument could be so much?

I almost got hit by a car, several times, this past week. The first time, I was pushing a cart to the cart stand thingy outside of Target, and this car is friggin speeding and stops like, a few feet away from me. The second time, I was pushing a cart to the cart stand thingy outside of another store, and a car almost backs into me. No, make that a few cars. ;_;

This video on youtube really freaked me out the other day. I'm not going to say what it was about, because the internet is technically in public, but it made me so..shaken. It's scary knowing that people like that are out there. Well, the thing showed how people in this one religion killed these other people. And they had pictures in the thing, as well. If you wanna know more, PM me, but I just don't feel like putting it here. It just scared the crap out of me. But even creepier is how there's a church for this religion in my city.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nico Nico Douga has some of the cutest videos, but I have problems adding them to my favorites list. Then actually finding the link for my favorites list is a whole other issue. T_T
And this is how the page appears on my computer. -_-;

Eh, I still need to work on that music packet. ;A;
But right now I think I'm going to finish learning On Wings Of Song. It's so pretty. ^_^

Vocaloid is pretty cool. I just don't like Leon, Lola, and Miriam that much. >_>;
Even though when they sing Fly Me To The Moon Hatsune Miku says "Fry me to za moon, and ret me pray, among za stas", Miriam's version sounds like a robot. Well..I mean, you know. She sounds like a robot compared to most vocaloid. And so does Leon, especially when he sings caramelldansen. xD
But I still think it's cute that they have an accent. :3
Which one's your favorite?

So my mom wants to start this business selling rocking horses. She like, wanted me to make a website for her, and, technically, I could, since I know some basic coding, but she didn't realize that it costs money to have a website. Unless it's on freewebs. She also wanted me to set up an email, so I asked her if she wanted the account to be on yahoo and gmail, and she didn't know that both of those were free. -_-;

That's the best smiley. Ever. xD

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I just remembered that I have this poster that has a bunch of random bishounen on it from this show I don't know the name of. xD
Oh well. :D

I have the dreaded harp camp next week. >_< I have to learn this packet of music they sent me (in the mail, btw), in a week. All because this famous Austrian harpist (who has bad breath) loves the ensemble and wants to be in a concert with us.

I'm rather bored today. I might go make brownies or something. ._.

Oh and Ta-chan, you left Cooking Mama at my house, btw.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey. Sorry I haven't been commenting on a few people lately, it's just that I haven't been checking for updates as much as I should. ;_;

So guess what? You know how I play the harp, right? Well, all of the people in the harp group are divided into different..er..levels, you could say, that are just basically different ensembles. So I was talking to my harp teacher (and I've known her for years), and she forgot which ensemble I was in.

Her: Oh, you're in the Concert Enseble? Then go into that room. :D
Me. =_=;

I mean, she noticed that I dyed my hair, then she forgets which ensemble she put me in.

There's not much else to report on, except that my friend is moving, but she's coming back, so yeah.

See ya! ^_^

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's been a while..
I haven't been on in forever. xD

Sorry, it's just that I've been a tad busy. Recently, I've been trying to learn more about etymology. It's actually pretty cool, 'cause you can see how lastnames and stuff came to be. And first names. Well, at least I figured out that my first name means "Star of the Sea", and my last name means "free". My middle name..I don't know. It's Theresa. If anyone knows what it means, please tell me. xD
I went to one site and it said "reaper". o_O *grabs a scythe*

I went swimming at Ta-chan's aunt's house the other day, and got a friggin 2nd degree burn on my face. It's not as bad as this burn I got a few years ago, though. But I still don't like getting blisters just from being out in the sun! Rawr. ;_;

And one of my friends might be moving away! To this city that's sort of far away. I know Ta-chan is going to want to know, so I'm just going to say that Sana-chan might be moving. D':

Ehh. That's all for now.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

How was your holiday?
Hello. I hope everyone had a good July Fourth? ^_^
Me and my friend went to the pool. And then I went to see fireworks with my mom. xD
Fireworks are just mesmerizing, aren't they? :]

And it's almost my birthday! ^_^ But two of my friend's birthday's are right before mine. xD

Ta-chan's gonna hurt me. I'm not gonna say why.. but let's just say that I got a certain...um..thing that has to do with the Advent Children. But she doesn't know yet. xP

Oh and at the pool, I ran into like 10 people that I particularly didn't want to run into. Ironic, huh? xD

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