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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nico Nico Douga has some of the cutest videos, but I have problems adding them to my favorites list. Then actually finding the link for my favorites list is a whole other issue. T_T
And this is how the page appears on my computer. -_-;

Eh, I still need to work on that music packet. ;A;
But right now I think I'm going to finish learning On Wings Of Song. It's so pretty. ^_^

Vocaloid is pretty cool. I just don't like Leon, Lola, and Miriam that much. >_>;
Even though when they sing Fly Me To The Moon Hatsune Miku says "Fry me to za moon, and ret me pray, among za stas", Miriam's version sounds like a robot. Well..I mean, you know. She sounds like a robot compared to most vocaloid. And so does Leon, especially when he sings caramelldansen. xD
But I still think it's cute that they have an accent. :3
Which one's your favorite?

So my mom wants to start this business selling rocking horses. She like, wanted me to make a website for her, and, technically, I could, since I know some basic coding, but she didn't realize that it costs money to have a website. Unless it's on freewebs. She also wanted me to set up an email, so I asked her if she wanted the account to be on yahoo and gmail, and she didn't know that both of those were free. -_-;

That's the best smiley. Ever. xD

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