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Sunday, September 14, 2008

it's green now. xD
Well, I already had friends, it's just that a new crowd likes me (dunno why) all of a sudden. xD
Not obsessively, but just enough to make it strange.

Scooter..oh yeah. *forgot and then remembered*

I'm sorry. ;_;


Creed Diskenth is a psychopath.

Creed's picture was screwing up my site so click here instead.

It's that guy, in case you don't watch Black Cat. ^_^

But yeah. I was watching..episode 20, I think, and he was saying something like "..oh, I love this melody!!! I think I'm going to name it..intent to KILL!!mwahahaha!!!!!


But he's Train's psychopath. ^_^

Okay, I need you guys' help. I have two parties to go to..and they're both at the same time, so I need you guys to help me choose. ^_^
One party is my neighbor's birthday party. The other is one of my friend's parties. I see my neighbors every day..but I barely know the other person. ^_^;
any advice?

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