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Friday, June 27, 2008

kabuki rock
I love Miyavi's song JPN PRIDE. ^_^ I don't really know what he's saying, but after he said "sakura, sakura" I heard the words for flower and dream. But then again, those are easy words. xD

The thing I love the most about his music is how he's so original. ^_^

Have you seen Get Smart? That movie is fucking hilarious. xD
I definately reccomend it.

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Monday, June 23, 2008


Mochi's like heaven. You can't even tell that it's rice! Especially if it's filled with mango ice cream. :3

I was on youtube and this person made a video that was practically making fun of hide. That's just mean. I mean seriously. He deserves respect. D:

Hideto Matsumoto

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

No, Ta-chan, the guitar that costs about 8,700 dollars is this one:
ESP jeune fille X Gips

Well, it's 871,500 yen.

But the one that I'm getting only costs about 700 dollars. I'm also getting an acoustic from this person my mom works with. :D

What's everyone been up to? I think myOtaku is restoring itself nicely.

Miyavi's on the second half of his tour! I hope he has fun. :3

I might be going to Japan! It's one of the harp trips we're taking. They haven't exactly planned it out yet, but they're talking about it.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How's it going?
Hello. School's out! :D

And I'm getting a guitar for my birthday. It costs about seven hundred dollars. D:
But it's cool looking and it's Japanese! And it's supposed to have a good sound.

Lol, another short post! Bye!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Can you guess?
You won't believe what happened today. So, I went to the doctor and they said I had a bad Urinary Tract Infection. They also said that if I had waited one or two more days, I would have had to have been hospitalized. It hurts so much! I almost start to cry every time I go to the bathroom. And then I have to take this medicine that makes my pee bright yellow. D:

Sorry, this is another short post. Bye!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why am I always the last one to update? D:
So the other day one of my friends comes up to me and wants me to answeer this question of hers. She goes, "Why do you think I'm reading this book about a pregnant girl?". I'm like, "I..really don't know. Why?" And then, she said what I had thought she was going to say, "Because I'm pregnant."
And this is sort of what happened afterwards..

Me: Really?
Her: Yes.
Me: Really really? Are you sure?
Her: Yes, I'm sure.
Me: Are you sure you're sure?
Her: Yes!

It just sort of turned into me interrogating her. I mean, it's not the sort of thing you would tell your friend on the way to lunch.

But just today, I was at my locker, and she runs up to me and goes, "Guess what?"
Turns out that she got an official test, and she really wasn't.

There's not much to say..well, I'm watching the FUNimation channel. I finally found out how to get the internet on my laptop.

That's pretty much it. Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I need to get new speakers. >_
Yeah. I was listening to something, and I thought, "Wow. Miyavi's voice sure sounds squeaky, doesn't it?". Turns out it was the speakers. xD
And when I listened to something by Cascada, you can only imagine. I could barely hear anything! It even got like that when I listened to Versailles! D':

Speaking of Versailles, anyone heard their new single? I absolutely love it. But did you know it's actually in English? I just thought it was some random jibberish. xD
But their music is amazing, as always. ^_^

And now Miyavi's going on his "This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock" World tour. ^_^
So have you guys seen his new-ish look (you probably have, but I still want to ask)? A lot of people think he looks weird now, but I personally love his look.

I have to get ready to go to school..I'll probably finish this post up later. ^_^

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A new video I made. ^_^

Meh. I'll type an actual post later. ._.;

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back again..?
Hello..everyone seems to be taking time off/leaving myO, don't they? Ah well, thanks to the people who still stick around and post. ^_^
This'll probably be my only post for a few weeks. What? I'm too busy..

I think I finally understood the concept of using meditation for healing! It has to do with the whole 'relax all your muscles' thing. But, also, you have to make sure you take care of the thing you tried to heal. Meditation seriously works though. I only meditated for three minutes, and most of the pain in my arm was gone. O_o
But then I started moving my arm around and it came back. >_<
Oh, what happened to my arm (my drawing arm!), is, when I was playing lacrosse in gym, I reached out with the stick to toss the ball, but right when I threw it, I heard something pop in the area near my elbow. So did the person beside me. >_<

So I have another harp concert on the 4th. There are going to be 40 harps on stage, and 80 singers. -_-;;
I'm just glad I sit in the back, near the AC. xD
So anyway, it's a peace concert to help children in Liberia go to school. The money is raised by selling tickets, of course. ^_^

Oh, and guess what? The ensemble (including me) get to be in the London New Years Day Parade! There's going to be 2 million people there. D':
That's too many for me to comprehend. Anyways..I'm just scared of sleepwalking on the plane. ._.;

See ya!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Watari is love.
Watari from Yami no Matsuei, that is. :3

Yami no Matsuei


I'm starting to feel a bit better, so that's good. But lately, a lot of things have just been piling up, and sometimes it's hard to just keep it all bottled up. ._.;
And my mood is changing really freqently. One minute I'll be fangirling over Kantarou or Watari, and the next minute I'll be outside crying. Weird, right?

On a lighter note, I'm getting a tablet on the 22nd. *dances*
That means I'll finally be able to put other stuff on my new account on Deviant Art! ^_^
It's very new, and I only have four things on there. The name for it, if you're too lazy to look at the post below this one, is saru-saru. :3

Lately, I've been reading about angels, chakras (not from Naruto), UFO's, and stuff like that. Now, I believe in UFO's. A lot of people have been saying stuff like, "On May 11th, Aliens are going to invade!". They also say stuff like that about 2012. So, don't you think, that if the Aliens had the power to send UFO's down, that (if they were hostile) they could've come here already? I mean, come on. Obviously we're not the only forms of life in this universe. I'd actually be more surprised if there weren't other forms of life out there. ._.

That's pretty much all I have to babble about..see you! ^_^

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